Which is the most sensitive part of a man?


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i am a guy and i can tell you only from my experience. i will start with the less obvious parts which cause turn on when the girl touches especially like during foreplay. well feet and lower part of legs below the knee especially the back side of them. more sensitive are thighs especially the back side of thighs. very sensitive also is as* and also the assh*le if you put a finger into it. i discovered some additional parts which i myself didnt know when this girl did er*tic massage. the spine bone on the back is quite pleasurable i was surprised to find out. also the region between any thigh and the genit*ls.

of course most pleasurable regions are the genitals themselves, the testes and most obvious of all the penis. on the pen*s, the most pleasurable is a small spot on the underside of the pen*s on the intersection between the head of the pen*s and the shaft.

i have heard that some guys find nipples also pleasurable but not me. i am not a girlish person you see!

the biggest turn on is when the girl sits on top of guy in different positions especially with her ass on the dick.

of course pen*s is most sensitive but girls touch it so often that you get bored.

also it is bigger turn on if the girl touches the guy with other parts of body like her lips or legs rather than just hands. when girl takes initiative it is big turn on.

wow and wiki answers found my answer objectionable, well, what about the question?

i guess that sums it up, guys feel free to add more if i have missed anything.

Who asked for all this??...Noone, The answer is the Scrotal Sac.