Which is warmer a cup of warm water or a bathtub of warm water?


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If they were the same temperature then neither, they would both be the same warmth. the difference would be the energy they give off, the cup would have a lot less energy and would cool faster in a room with a lower temperature than it. the bath tub would cool a lot slower, and a lot more warm energy would be released into the air making the air around it a lot warmer than the small cup would. that is if infact the cup is a normal sized cup and the bath tub a normal size.

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Strictly speaking, heat is the total amount of thermal activity within a given volume. Temperature is the average amount of heat within a given volume. For example, a hot cup of coffee has a higher temperature than a bathtub full of warm water, but the tub of water contains more heat than the hot cup of coffee.

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If you are filling up a dark coloured cup with water as opposed to a light coloured cup, the darker one would retain more heat which would in turn affect the water temperatures and make the water warmer.

It depends on the size/shape (length, width and depth OR circumference and depth) of the bathtub. Unless you provide measurements of the tub, it is impossible to answer this question. However for rough estimation, A standard Japanese bath contained about 500 L of water and a metric cup is 250 ml thus it would need around 2,000 cup of water to fill a bath tub. European bathtub would have similar volume of containment unless it is an order specifics tub.

The water evaporates and the warm water vapour condensed on the cooler surface of the cup, hence the water droplets is formed.

Plastic is the better insulator. So in a warm room, the plastic cup will prevent cold water from warming up as quickly as water in a metal cup. Provided its not one of those thermos mugs.

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