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Juan Ponce de Leon

Which island did ponce de leon want to explore?

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Bimini for the Fountain of Youth

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Because he seeked fam & fourtune because he was born pennieless

He was primarily in search of gold.

Juan Ponce de Leon was the first Spanish Explorer to land in Florida. He wanted to find the Fountain of Youth.

Because we want to know. ponce de leon

because he wanted to find the Fountain of Youth, gold and land for the Spanish. He heard stories that if you drink the water from the Fountain, You'll stay young forever

Ponce De Leon was convinced that a "fountain of youth" existed, and that it was in Florida. Since he was afraid of getting old and dying, he very much wanted to find it.Alas, there is no fountain of youth.

yes, because back in the 18th century, Spices were very expensive. So when Ponce De Leon saw spices, of course he wanted them.... to shove up ryans mums vag

Oh, yes and gold plus power. They all did. He and Columbus were rivals and De Leon got a governorship that Columbus thought he deserved.

he wanted to work alone so that nobody well tell his spot. but his wife wanted to go

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He/she didn’t want to explore, but they did want the riches and things that resulted. It is expensive to be king.

I want to explore the Amazon jungle.

he wanted to explore because he had dreams to sail the sea.

he wanted to explore the seven cities of gold

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He didn't want to explore to India, the King of Portugal ordered him to find India.

Leon is a good name not a lot of people have. but a lot of leon's are handsome when they want to be (;

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he wanted to explore because he wante dto find a passage to Asia

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