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Q: Which island did the british own?
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What island belongs to British Columbia?

British Columbia actually claims many islands as it's own, the most well known being Vancouver Island, where the provinces capital, Victoria, is located

What is the the island in British Columbia?

Vancouver Island is the largest island in British Columbia.

Island in British Columbia?

Island in British Columbia is Vancouver

Is island under british colonies?

what island? if you mean Iceland then no they are not. if you mean Ireland then no as well ireland is part ofthe U.K. and the north inreland republic is its own country

Long Island?


What island is Victoria British Columbia located on?

Victoria, British Columbia is located on Vancouver Island.

Who was the British leader of Roanoke Island?

John White is the British leader of Roanoke Island!!!

How for away is Vancouver island from British Columbia?

Vancouver Island is in British Columbia. The capital of British Columbia is even located on it.

A island in British Columbia?

Vancouver Island

When was British Channel Island Ferries created?

British Channel Island Ferries was created in 1984.

When was Entrance Island - British Columbia - created?

Entrance Island - British Columbia - was created in 1875.

When was British United Island Airways created?

British United Island Airways was created in 1968.