Which kids shoes are good for hiking?

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Really, any tennis shoe with good traction should work. However, there is a website that makes hiking boots for children. I have included the link here:

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Q: Which kids shoes are good for hiking?
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What shoes do people wear in the mountains?

Hiking boots are good, athletic shoes.

Are hiking shoes for sports?

Hiking boots are designated as strong support for the ankle. Hiking shoes are somewhat shoddy for this, and are no better for hiking than flip flops. So yes, hiking shoes are for sports, and not alot else.

When are light hiking shoes appropriate to wear?

Light hiking shoes are appropriate to wear when a person is traveling to warm climates and hiking in areas where they are not at risk to have items falling on their foot. It is appropriate to wear heavier shoes when hiking in colder places.

Where can one purchase womens hiking shoes?

Women hiking shoes can be purchased at an outdoor supply store. One can also purchase women hiking shoes from online sites such as Amazon, Backcrounty, or Rei.

Are there good kids shoes for kids with flat feet?

Yes there is, I found a good store online which is called and they have these kind of shoes.

Where can one buy waterproof hiking shoes?

One can buy waterproof hiking shoes at an outdoor equipment store, such as REI Outfitters. One can also buy a waterproofing spray and spray it onto standard hiking shoes.

What shoes will look good with cargo shorts?

Hiking sandals like Keens would look good for men or women.

What are some good boots/shoes for hiking?

There are a variety of hiking boots on the market depending on what kind of hiking you're into. However, I have discovered the best hiking boot. They are called L.L. Bean Trail Hikers II, Mid Cut and they only cost $60.00.

What makes these shoes "high mileage"?

High mileage is a term to describe running shoes. The support in these shoes is designed for long distance running. A hiking shoe would be a better shoe for hiking.

Why do you need good soles on your shoes?

You need good soles so that they don't wear out too soon, or so that you don't slip. "Good soles" is relative; you need good soles on hiking boots, but not so much on dress shoes.

How to Pick Out the Perfect Hiking Shoes?

How to Choose Hiking GearHiking is a fun way to keep up your fitness while enjoying the scenery and wildlife of nature. Studies repeatedly show that spending time exercising outside, like when hiking, can help people to feel less depressed and more creative. If you want to begin hiking regularly, the right hiking shoes are vital. The perfect pair of hiking shoes will fit well, suit your local terrain and leave you free from blisters and foot pain. Read on to learn more about how to pick out the perfect hiking shoe for you.Pick Shoes For Your ClimateThe shoes that are best for you will be the ones that best suit your local climate. In Florida, for example, hikes are done in warm weather. So the perfect shoe for hiking might be one that drains water quickly and is thin enough to be light for longer adventures. In a snowy area, thick shoes with plenty of protection are more important.Pick Shoes For Your TerrainThe terrain that you typically hike on will make a big difference when it comes to picking out the right pair of hiking shoes. If most of your hikes are relatively flat and free from obstacles, smaller shoes with less support will be okay.Pick Shoes With Plenty of Ankle SupportAnkle support is necessary in rough terrain, steep downhills or any longer hikes. Ankle sprains are one of the most common types of hiking injuries, but a pair of shoes that pass the ankle and fit perfectly will provide plenty of support to avoid sprains or even a broken ankle.Pick Comfortable ShoesUltimately, you will want to pick out hiking shoes that are comfortable for longer distances. Regardless of what looks good or what is trendy, choose a pair of shoes that are comfortable while hiking. The right socks can also help your hiking shoes to fit better.With these tips in mind, even novice hikers can find the perfect hiking shoes to fit them, their terrain, their local climate and their budget.

What is Best hiking boot for the High Atlas Mountains?

Good winter boots recommended for atlas mountain in winter time.and a good walking shoes in summer.

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