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Q: Which kind of research is most likely to improve the health of the environment?
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Can smoking pot give you pimples?

No, it would more likely improve your skin health.

Why are health safety and security important to an office environment?

Health, safety and security are important in an office environment. If someone were to be injured on the premises and health and safety were not up to standards, the office is likely to be sued.

How will your health most likely be affected if you follow the recommended guidelines for sleep rest and physical activity?

Social relationship will improve

To be considered a successful adaptation the adaptation must make the organism more likely to?

Improve the organism's survivability in it's environment.

Are People with emotional problems who receive therapy are less likely to improve their mental health than people with problems who do NOT receive therapy?


Why are some animals more likely to survive to adulthood than other animals?

This is a tough question, as there are many contributing factors, but the main ones would most likely be Environment, Health, and Resources. -In Resources, an animal's life can be limited by the availability of food, water, and shelter. -In Health, an Animal's life can be limited by plagues, parasites, and predators. -In Environment, not living in a compatible environment can limit an animals health, by giving it incompatible resources. Also, an animal living in a controlled environment, like a zoo, tends to live longer than an animal living in the wild.

How do you start to feel after too much water?

Nauseous ! most likely vomit a part of the excess intake, which will actually make you feel better and will improve your health.

How does replication improve the validity of sociological research?

When there is replication of inferences over different studies by different researchers, it only shows that an outcome is more likely. It strengthens a thesis if the outcome is likely to be seen in more than one test.

What dietary changes can be most beneficial to men?

The dietary change most likely to improve the health of males is reduced intake of fats, particularly cholesterol and saturated fats.

Does conditioner actually improve hair health?

Hair conditioner makes hair far more manageable. In this way, it improves hair health by making the hair less likely to break or split while being styled and brushed.

What are two mental benefits of excercising?

Exercise can help to boost your self-image and improve inner confidence & Research has shown that people who do exercise regularly are less likely to get clinical depression.

In which country are the people least likely to change their physical environment?

In which country are the people least likely to change their physical environment?