Which kind of soda is

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Which kind of soda is
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What kind of science is soda?

The green kind!

What kind of soda rottens your teeth faster dark soda or white soda?


What kind of soda is in a scotch and soda?

Some people prefer to drink it that way.

What kind of chemicals are in baking soda?

Backing soda is sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3

What is Kind of element is soda?


How do you make soda?

Just get some baking soda and tree sap and milk and any kind of coloring then mix and you get soda

How many calories are in orange soda?

It all depends on what kind of orange soda you are talking about.

What kind of metal containers is soda and other carbonated beverages called?

soda sac

What kind of acid is in soda?

Carbon Dioxide

What kind of base does baking soda have?

it is a base

What kind of gas is produced when a acid mixes with a soda?

when acid mix with soda, it will produce carbon dioxide

What is the price of baking soda?

it depends on the kind of baking soda you want. the most common price is $3