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Which leaves form the diet of the silkworm?

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What kind of leaves provide the staple diet of a silkworm?

what leaves provide the staple diet of a silkworm

What type of leaves do the silkworm feed on?

mulberry leaves...

What does the silkworm feed on?

mulberry leaves

How does a silkworm make silk?

A silkworm makes silk be excreting a rope like substance from its silk glands. Silkworms must eat a very special diet of special leaves from China in order to make this silk.

What do silkworm eat?

Mulberry tree leaves

The silkworm feeds mainly on the leaves of which tree?

The silkworm feeds mainly on the leaves of the mulberry tree. Silk growers provide their charges with fresh leaves daily to keep them growing and happy.

How many different types of leaves a silkworm eats?

One, Mulberry leaves

What do silkworm moths eat?

They Eat Mulberry Leaves.

On the leaves of which plant do silkworm feed?

mulbery plant

The leaves of which tree is the food of the koala?

Eucalyptus leaves form the main diet of the koala.

How does a silkworm breathe?

The silkworm breathes through the dots on its body. These dots are called spiracles. They like to eat mulberry leaves.

What else does a silkworm eat other than mulberry leaves?

Silkworms also eat beetroot leaves

What is use of silkworm?

Silk "worms" are actually the larval form of the domestic silk moth (Bombyx mori). The silkworms are raised on a diet of only white mulberry (Morus alba) leaves until they enter the pupal stage. The cocoons which the silkworms make are then used to make silk.

Can a silkworm form a cocoon on the ground?

A silkworm can make a cocoon anywhere even on the ground. it prefers the bark of trees though.

Do silkworms live in dirt?

No. The 'silkworm' is the caterpillar of the domesticated silkmoth which feeds on the leaves of the white mulberry plant.Farmers grow the plant and feed the leaves to the silkworms which are kept in flat baskets in their houses.Thus far form living in dirt, silkworms live in baskets and are cared for by silkworm farmers.see related link below for more information.

Is a silkworm a worm?

No. Silkworms are actually the larva form of the silk moth, which is domesticated. True worms are Annelids, but the silkworm is actually an insect.

What are characteristics of a silkworm?

silkworm is the caterpillar of silk moth . it spines a strong,thin,silken fibre around itself to form a cucoon

What does a silkworm eat?

Silkworms prefer to eat white mulberry leaves, but they will eat the leaves of any other mulberry tree as well as the Osage Orange.

Why do elephants have a diet of leaves and trees?

They have a diet of leaves, trees and grasses, because they are herbivores.

What is the larvae of a silkworm moth called?

The larva of a silkworm moth is called silkworm caterpillar.

What is the difference between a male silkworm and a female silkworm?

ask the silkworm whether he/she is male of female and get the answer.................

What are the steps in making silk?

first the silkworms are fed on the leaves of the mulberry bush. then each silkworm spins a continuous thread up to 800 metres long to form a cocoon. then the silkworms are boiled in water and silk is obtained from them

What is the difference between a male and female silkworm?

The female silkworm has longer abdomen than male silkworm

What is the metamorphis process of a silkworm?

What is the metamorphosis process of a silkworm?

What is the use of silkworm?

the use of the silkworm is for making silk