Which line has better scope MBA in IT or mca?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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Q: Which line has better scope MBA in IT or mca?
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What is better in Mca or Mba after Bca and certificate of networking and hacking?

MCA is better

Which one is better mba or mca after doing bca?


Does an MBA or MCA have a better scope?

Its not that one is better than the other, they are just different in scope. You might want to change your question to which is better for me personally? However, you should include information as to your personal career goals and objectives.

What is the difference between MBA and MCA?

I think mba is better than mca if u have the logical thinking capacity then u can choose mca once u got good knowledge in mca then mca is better than mba no risk and just sitting in front system and doing all the things

What is better MCA or MBA?

Master of Business Administration

What is better after Bca in Mca or MBA IT?

it depends on you. you have studied computer application and i think now you are well worsed with application part of computer to the current you have to decide to which field you want to make your career.i think its better to mca rather then mba(it).

Now a days which is best either MBA or MCA?


What is best for BCA student MBA or MCA or MMS?

The best masters degree for a BCA student is either an MCA or an MBA.

Who can do BCA?

u can mca or mba

What can you after your bca?

After completing your Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA), you have several options for further education and career paths. You can MCA or MBA

Is an MCA better than an MBA?

Both are equal Both are in demand Both high profile courses compete equally in the market Actually, MBA is sutiable for guys who have good leadership qualities, best in decision making.., MCA is for those who have techincial skill and ready to update their knowlegde daily.., While comparing the pay scale MCA's get more then MBA's unless or otherwise MBA's work in high post.

Is there any scope of MCA from ipu in future what are its placements?

No scope