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The lines of latitude run parallel to the equator and tell you how far north or south you are from it. The units of measurement, however, are in angular degrees. New York City, for example, lies at 40.77 degrees North latitude, which is sometimes expressed as 40 degrees, 46 minutes, 12 seconds North latitude.

2006-09-13 19:49:46
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Q: Which lines of measurement show how far a place is from the Equator?
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What are the lines called that measure distance from either side of the Equator to the poles?

The lines have no particular name. The angle on the Earth's surface between any place and the equator is called the 'latitude' of the place. Some maps and globes have some lines printed on them that show a few latitudes.

What is the east west lines on a map that show distance from the equator?

lines of latitude

What kind of lines on a globe show distance from the equator?

Longitude long get it

Why do longitude lines converge while latitude lines do not?

Longitude lines show the number of degrees east and west of the Prime Meridian. They are farthest apart at the equator and converge to a single dot at the north and south poles. Latitude lines show distance north and south from the equator. Because they are parallel to the equator, they never converge. Latitude at 90o north and south can be shown only as a dot, not a line.

What are parallels of latitude?

Horizontal lines on a map or globe that show the distance north or south of the Equator.

How far is Phuket Thailand from the equator?

Eight degrees north. This is because degrees (longitude) show how far a place is from the equator.

What are the imaginary lines that run eats to west around the earth to show the distance north or south of the equator?

those lines are called longitude and latitude

What does the words latitude and longitude mean?

Latitude is an angular distance that shows the location of someplace on Earth that is north or south of the equator. On a map, the horizontal lines show latitude. Longitude lines are the vertical lines in the map that show locations.

What are lines of latitude?

Lines of latitude are the horizontal lines on a map that stretches from the east to the west. 0 degrees latitude is the equator. A specific latitude is supposed to be combined with a specific longitude to show a precise position on Earth.

Show me a map with the equator?

the equator is the line that is in the middle

What do we use to show direction above the equator?

You are probably thinking of latitude, which shows distance from the equator as the angle subtended by the arc between the place and the nearest point on the equator. For instance, the latitude of London, United Kingdom, is 51.5 degrees N.

show the lines of longtitude on the globe when the teacher ask you?

is the angular distance of a place north or south of the earth's equator,

Can you show me the states that are north of the equator?

All 50 US states are north of the equator.

When plucking guitar the lines are meant to show?

the lines are meant to show symbols

Does the equator show south or north?


Why is the equator imaginary?

It is a concept, not a physical thing. There is no line painted on the ground and ocean to show where the equator is, just as there is no line on the ground to show a state line.

How can you show movement in art?

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What do contour lines on a topographic map show?

Contour lines show levels of elevation, where there are hills and valleys on a map

Show diagram of poulan chain saw fuel lines?

show diagram of poulan chain fuel lines

What does a map 's scale show?

The ratio betwee a measurement on the map and a measurement in the real world.

What is used to show elevation?

Contour lines. Trig points. Altitude is used to show elevation. Contour lines are used on maps to show elevation.

Which lines show distance east or west of the prime meridian?

The Prime Meridian (of 0 degrees west or east) run north-south through Greenwich in London, UK. Lines that run north-south that are parallel to the Prime Meridian (but which meet at the poles) and which describe the distance west or east of this line are called lines of Longitude.Lines of Latitude describe the distance north or south of the equator.

Why do contour lines not branch?

Because contour lines show the places with same height above sea level, and if they branched, we should instead use another set of contour lines to show a height difference for the place where they should branch, and another to show the same height for the altitude above sea level as the original supposed branch, as if they branched, it would mean that there was a difference in altitude between them.

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What type of lines can be used on a map to show elevation?

contour lines