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Q: Which magazine to use on Belgian made 308 lever action?
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What was the first smith and Wesson made?

Lever Action Magazine Pistol

Who made the first rifle magazine?

The lever action Henry was among the first successful rifles to use a magazine- but it was not a detachable magazine.

When was the lever action revolver made?

Revolvers are not lever action firearms. Sorry- can you rephrase your question? Lever action firearms are most often rifles, rarely shotguns. A very few lever action pistols were made, but not revolvers.

What is the value of a savage 99 in 303 made in 1903?

i have seen this lever action with rolling block magazine sell at gun shows for $700

Western Auto 22 lever-action rifle revelation R117A?

I believe you have a Mossberg model 400 Palomino. It a .22 lever action tubular magazine walnut stock made 1959-64.. Around $100 in good condition.

Did Marlin make a lever-action 30-06?

I can't find any indication that they made a 30-06 lever action. I can't find any indication that they made a 30-06 lever action.

Looking for 357 smithwesson lever action rifle?

S&W never made a lever action rifle.

What is the mfg date of a Browning lever action 22 cal SN07589RT126?

Your browning lever action 22 was made in 1976.

Are there any American lever action sniper rifles?

A "sniper rifle" is simply a rifle being used for sniping. As for purpose built rifles intended for use by snipers, there aren't any. The lever action would be undesirable for a sniper, who may often have to fire from the prone position, and the tubular magazines common to lever action rifles cannot accommodate modern long range cartridges which use the spitzer bullets. Although some lever action rifles which feed from a box magazine have been made, they are very rare.

What was the first year browning made a lever action 243?


Winchester .243 cal lever action rifle?

Yes, they made it.

Is there a place to find out where and when a rifle was made?

Start with the markings on the gun. Is it a Winchester,Marlin,Remington,etc? What cartridge does the rifle fire? (.22,.243,30-06,30-30,8mm Mauser?) Is it single shot or magazine fed? Is it bolt action, lever action, semi-auto? When you can answer these questions, you can get an idea of when and where it was made.

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