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The lion is a major predator to the zebra.

yes, humans are the major threat to rhinos

Sunlight is the major source of energy in food chain.

hawk, and owls are major ones.

the major mitchels cockatoo is a predator for small insects but it is also prey for a dingo and for feral cats and foxes

Himalaya is the biggest chain of mountain in Asia.

Fresh Kid Ice had two major strokes. His last major stroke was in January 2010.

Yes you will get major money for that.

People are major pollutors of Earths fresh water supply.

Only Rarely. Ocelots Live In Texas But Very Few Live There.

Some of the major chain hotels located in Hawaii are Hilton, Mariott, Embassy, Fairmont, Sheraton and Wyndham. There are also some very good resorts that are not affiliated with a chain.

In the desert, a camel's only major 'predator' is humans.

haha i did a project on jellyfish... tuna, swordfish, moonfish, triggerfish and certain kinds of sea turtles - especially the leatherback turtle-which is a major jellyfish predator.

lakes. because the question asks for a fresh water source.

An African Elephant does not have any natural predator. Lions are known to kill and eat rare elephant calf's but there is no major natural predator to the African Elephant.

The major mountain chain in the West is the Rocky Mountains. The major mountain chain in the East is the Appalachian Mountains.

a horses predator are bares, wolfs, humans, coyotes.Cougars, also known as Mountain Lyons, is a major predator. Due to the horse's speed, that is one of the only predators.

All animals belong on the food chain except for humans because we are a major threat to our envioronment.

The Precipitation stage of water cycle provides fresh water to the aquifiers. It is one of the major source of fresh water on earth.

First Hotels is a leading hotel chain with over sixty-one hotels in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Hilton is another major hotel chain that operates in Copehagen and Scandic is a third. Scandic is the largest hotel chain in Denmark.

the major rivers in china are hongykongy boogerand haloplaola those are good rivers with fresh water

Because of major rivers including the amazon

fresh troops who outnumbered the enemy

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