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Q: Which man was captured when his U2 spy plane crashed in the USSR?
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Did Amelia Earhart fly with a partner when her plane crashed?

She flew with a man named Fred Noonan

What is the scar and what caused it in the Lord of the Flies?

The scar is the dent that the plane made on the island when it crashed into the island.

What is the scar in the woods?

The scar is a part of the island where their plane crashed, it represents man coming onto uninhabited territory and scaring it.

A man is dead in a cabin on the side of a hill how did he die?

It was an airplane cabin that crashed in the woods

What is the most common Reason for Amelia Earharts disappearance?

Well generally, there is no explanation really, since they should have found her and her co-pilot if they crashed in the are they said they were in. But the main theories that don't have any real proof are as follows: That the plane crashed, and they didn't have the technology or the time to do a proper search. The Japanese captured the plane, because they thought she was a spy sent by the U.S government which secretly financed her journey (which may or may not have been true) That she fell in love with her co-pilot who was a married man, and they eloped together. And Finally, that she was abducted by Aliens.

When was The Man Who Captured Eichmann created?

The Man Who Captured Eichmann was created in 1996.

When was the velcro invented?

It was discovered when a plane crashed in the southwest US, and when doing rescue work, one man was wearing a suit that the rescue team had problems figuring out how to open the velcro openings.

What is the duration of The Man Who Captured Eichmann?

The duration of The Man Who Captured Eichmann is 1.6 hours.

Who was Yuri gargarin and what was he famous for?

Yuri Gagarin was killed in a plane crash on 27 March 1968. His death was an accident.

Who sent the first man into space?


Who crashed the universal logo?

The Man played by Marty in 1977

Where is Yuri A. Gagarin from?

He was from the USSR, the first man in space.