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Fiber optic cable

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Q: Which media is used to carry electrical pulses that represent digital data?
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What cells carry electrical pulses?


What media is used to carry electrical pulses that represents digital data?

Copper cable is the answer. Fiber Optic transmit using light and radio is frequency while wireless is wireless.

How do optical fibers carry voice messages?

By converting electrical signals to light pulses.

Advantages of digital signal?

Advantages include: digital signals carry more information and maintain their quality over long distances. Digital signals are a series of pulses consisting of just two states, ON-1 or OFF-0.

What do fiber optic cables carry?

Fiber optic cables are used for carrying laser light pulses, which represent data of any kind.

What is sent along an optical fiber to carry the messages?

either pulses of infra-red radiation or pulses of visible light radiation x

What particles does not carry an electrical charge in an atom?

--- are atoms that carry an electric charge

How has the the nerve cell adapted to the function?

Nerve cells are long enough to stretch from your Central Nervous System to your nerve endings. They can also carry electrical pulses, which allow your body to translate different external feelings into feelings understandable by your brain.

Neutrons carry what kind of electrical charge?

neutrons doesnt carry an electrical charge

Thin glass cable used to carry pulses of light?

Fiber Optic cables

What does not carry an electrical current?

An electrical insulator.

Are power lines electrical energy?

No, but they do carry electrical energy.

How we are using a Public switched telephone networks to carry all your digital contents?

how we use Public switched telephone networks to carry all our digital contents

Does a T line carry digital data over twisted pair wires?

Yes it does. It will carry digital data as well as voice signals.

Do victims struck by lightning carry an electrical charge and should not be touched?

False! They carry no electrical charge and should be attended to immediately!

How do electromagnetic waves carry sound as electrical signals?

The electromagnetic wave is "modulated" (changed) to represent the signal. For example, in AM (amplitude modulation), the strength (amplitude) of the wave is increased or decreased, according to the signal.

Which types of signals are carried over a DSL cable?

DSL is carried over a phone line. Yet it caries digital signals. the telephone company has to limit the bandwidth of the analog voice on the lines. So DSL is able to use the unused portion of the bandwidth to transmit digital data. hope that helps -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- According to Cisco : Network devices link together using a variety of connections: * Copper cabling - Uses electrical signals to transmit data between devices * Fiber-optic cabling - Uses glass or plastic wire, also called fiber, to carry information as light pulses * Wireless connection - Uses radio signals, infrared technology (laser), or satellite transmissions. so your answer would be electrical signals.

Do power lines carry electromagnetic waves?

The power lines carry alternating electrical current and voltage. This produces an electrical and magnetic field around the wire. Some of the electrical energy thus escapes in the form of electromagnetic radiation. The wires do not carry the radiation. They radiate it because of the electrical power flowing in them.

Is PCM is an example of analog to digital?

No, Pulse Code Modulation is a communication method used to carry digital data but is not part of any analog to digital conversion. PCM is often used to carry audio data as a digital stream and therefore is the encoding used as the signal is first converted to a digital format.

What is SPDIF?

S/PDIF or Sony Philips Digital Interconnect Format is a standard/protocol that specifies transmission of audio signals from one device to another in digital format. Both coaxial electrical cable and an optical fiber cable can be used to carry signals in S/PDIF format. - Neeraj Sharma

does best buy sell canon digital ixus?

Although Best Buy does carry a multitude of cameras, they do not carry the Canon Digital Ixus. This product can be ordered through

Carry out a risk assessment of own it including checking electrical loading of system?

how to carry out a risk assessment of own IT, including checking electrical loading system?

How are a neuron and an electrical extension cord similar?

They both carry electrical impulses from one point to another

Can plastic carry electrical current?

No, practically all plastic is an insulator. An insulator does not carry any electrical currents. A conductor can carry a current. "What plastics are conductive?", you may ask -- see link below.

Which cells carry these electrical signals?