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maulana azad

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Q: Which member of constituent assembly proposed to defer adult franchise for 15 years in constituent assembly?
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Why Gandhi was not in the constituent assembly?

why mahatma gandhi not member of constituent assembly

Who is the Anglo-Indian member of the constituent assembly?


List the women member of constituent assembly?

none were there

First parsi member of constituent assembly?

H.C Mukherjee

Who was the Anglo Indian member of Constituent Assembly of India?

Frank Anthony

Why was the national constituent assembly formed?

Constitution assembly of India was formed by the elected member of provincial assemblies of India which was presided over by Dr.Sachidanand Sinha , who was the temporary chairman of the assembly.

Was Mahatma Gandhi a member of constituent assembly of India?

No, he wasn't. His views were strongly disliked by B. R. Ambedkar the Chairman of the Drafting Committee of Indian Constitution.

Is each member of the UN a member of the general assembly?

Yes, each member of the UN is a member of the General Assembly.

What is cut motion?

A motion moved by any member of National Assembly proposing a cut in the proposed budget for a particular Ministry/Division/ Department of the Federal Government is termed as Cut Motion.

Is a constituent always a house member?

no, a constituent isn't always a house member. I only know this because I just took a quiz on it and got it wrong because I answered yes. HAHA! Hope this helps

What are the duties of an assembly man?

someone who is a member of a legislative assembly

Who is the permanent member of constitution assembly in india?

Dr. Rajendra Prasad was the permanent member of constitution assembly in India.