Franchising refers to the practice of using a successful business model of another company. For the franchisor, a franchise is a substitute to developing ‘chain stores’ to distribute goods and avoid liability and investment over a chain.

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What is the cost of a Philippine Lotto Franchise?

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The cost of Franchise from Application fees to Bonds and others are much lower than fifty thousand pesos (50k). It is not "closed " in Metro Manila. Its just harder to get a good location. But if a new mall is about to open, i am sure a lotto franchise would be available. You may get all the information that you will need including forms about the PCSO Lotto Franchise from this e-book I bought, see below website link: " A Complete PCSO Lotto Franchise e-book ", it cost PHP700 pesos.

How many games have the Chicago Cubs lost in franchise history?

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On April 23, 2008, the Chicago Cubs recorded the 10,000th win in franchise history. From that date until this writing (9/27/2009), the Cubs have recorded 163 more victories, bringing the total to 10,163 with 8 games left to play in the 2009 season.

How many wins do the Miami Dolphins have in franchise history?

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368 regular season games and 20 playoff games - 2 superbowls.

Who is the greatest franchise is NFL history?

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I think the most succsesful team is probably the Miami Dolphins. They went undefeated and they were super bowel champions that year. This year however the New England Patriots (who I don't like) may top that record if they win the super bowl.

Glasgow rangers are the most successful the have won over 110 cups

What did JE Clair name his football team?

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J.E. Clair named his football team Green Bay Packers.

What team has been the least successful of all the sporting franchises in the NHL NFL NBA and Major League Baseball?

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The least successful NHL team are the Columbus Bluejackets, in the NFL the Arizona Cardinals, in the MLB the Tampa Bay Rays, and in the NBA the Charlotte Bobcats.

What NFL franchise won championships in three different cities?

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That was the Raiders who won Super Bowls XI and XV as the Oakland Raiders and Super Bowl XVIII as the Los Angeles Raiders. Through Super Bowl XLII, one other team has done that. The Colts won Super Bowl V as the Baltimore Colts and Super Bowl XL as the Indianapolis Colts.

What is the Seattle Mariners longest winning streak in franchise history?

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The Rockies won a franchise-record 11 straight games Sept. 16-27, 2007.

What team in any sport has the most consecutive games with out a loss?

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The longest winning streak in United States professional sports history is 33 by the 1971-1972 Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.

Actually, the team in United States professional sports history with the most consecutive games without a loss is the 1979-80 Philadelphia Flyers (NHL), who played 35 consecutive games without a loss (this stretch includes 10 ties).

Why real democracy is not possible without universal adult franchise?

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First, define democracy. If you mean representing the wish of the majority of the people, then ALL people will need the franchise. There HAVE been "democracies" where the franchise was limited to adult land owning free males that were born there.

What is a football franchise?

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a football franchise is everyone dealing with the team, the players, the coaches, the owner, the manager,etc

What team was the youngest franchise to win a Super Bowl?

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After the American and National Leagues expanded in the early 1960s, that would be the Arizona Diamondbacks who won the World Series in their 4th season. Second is the Florida Marlins who won the World Series in their 5th season.

What football franchise has the best winning percentage?

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Highest Winning Percentage, Regular Season Miami Dolphins .580 Highest Winning Percentage, Overall Dallas Cowboys .577

Who is the franchise player for the Toronto Raptors?

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The franchise player for the Toronto Raptors is Chris Bosh. He was given this role when Vince Carter had left the Raptors. He was named franchise player after his rookie season.

When did the Baltimore Ravens franchise start?

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Based in Baltimore since 1996. Played at M&T Bank Stadium since 1998. Played 1996 and 1997 at Memorial Stadium

What sports franchise has moved the most times?

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Man, where do you start?

NHL, in the last 50 years or so:

Flames (from Atlanta)

Hurricanes (from Hartford Whalers)

Coyotes (from Winnipeg)

Avalanche (from Quebec Nordiques)

Dallas Stars (from Minnesota North Stars)

Cleveland Barons (were the California Golden Seals, moved to Cleveland, combined with Minnesota...and then moved to Dallas 15 years later, or thereabouts)

New Jersey Devils (were the Kansas city Scouts, then the Colorado Rockies)


Indianpolis Colts, from Baltimore

St. Louis Rams, from LA and before then they were from Cleveland

Oakland Raiders, from LA, but had been from Oakland

Arizona Cardinals (had been St. Louis, before that Chicago)

Tennessee Titans (had been Houston Oilers)

Cleveland Browns to Baltimore Ravens

Portsmouth Spartans to Detroit and become the Lions

Decatur Staleys move to Chicago and become the Bears

Boston Redskins move to Washington


Minnesota Twins (had been Washington Senators)

Texas Rangers (had been a second Washington Senators team)

Washington Nationals (had been Montreal Expos)

Baltimore Orioles (had been St. Louis Browns)

The Giants and Dogers

Boston Braves to Milwaukee and then Atlanta

Seattle Pilots to Milwaukee Brewers


The ex-ABA teams before they got in the league: New Jersey Americans to New York Nets to New Jersey Nets (after the NBA merger) and now they're coming back to NY! San Antonio was originally in Dallas.

N.O. Jazz to Utah Jazz

Charlotte Hornets to New Orleans Hornets

St. Louis Hawks to Atlanta Hawks

Buffalo Braves to San Diego Clippers to Los Angeles Clippers

Rochester Royals to Kansas City Royals to Kansas City Kings to Sacramento Kings (and they played part-time in Omaha for a few years)

Philadelphia Warriors to San Francisco (then Golden State) Warriors

Syracuse Nationals to Philadelphia 76ers

Vancouver Grizzlies to Memphis

Philadelphia 76ers head coaches in franchise history?

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76ers coaches through February 8, 2008: Randy Ayers

Larry Brown

Fred Carter

Al Cervi

Maurice Cheeks

Billy Cunningham

Johnny Davis

Chris Ford

Matt Guokas

Alex Hannum

Kevin Loughery

John Lucas

Jim Lynam

Doug Moe

Jim O'Brien

Jack Ramsay

Roy Rubin

Dolph Schayes

Paul Seymour

Gene Shue

What is the wealthiest NFL franchise?

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Dallas Cowboys are the highest valued team at approximately 1.5 billion

Minnesota Vikings are the lowest valued team at around 780 million

Who is the oldest NFL franchise to never play in a Super Bowl?

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The oldest franchise to never have won a Super Bowl? It's the Detroit Lions. The Lions have been in the NFL since 1930 (then playing as the Porstmouth Spartans). After the 1933 season, the team was purchased and moved to Detroit. The team played their first game as the Detroit Lions in 1934. The Lions are one of the six NFL Franchises who have never been to the Super Bowl. The Philadelphia Eagles could also be considered (but they really aren't) as the oldest franchise in the league never to have won the Super Bowl. The Eagles were founded in 1933 by Bert Bell, Lud Wray and co. The purchased the territorial rights of the then defunct Frankfort Yellow Jackets (The Yellow Jackets folded in 1931), who actually started in the NFL in 1924. However, since the league had technically revoked the franchise at the end of 1931, there is no "direct" linkage from the Yellow Jackets to the Philadelphia Eagles.