Tesco is a worldwide grocery and general marketing retailer founded by Jack Cohen in 1919. It has stores in 14 countries. By revenues, Tesco is the fourth largest retailer in the world and the second largest in terms of profit.

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What types of loans does Tesco Bank offer?

Tesco bank offers personal loans which are secured or unsecured, they offer car loans, and mortgages too. The interest rates and apporval of a loan is based on your credit.

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What are the aims and objectives of Tesco?

To compare prices with other leading supermakets to make sure they have a competing chance with prices

1. To maximise sales

2. To grow and maintain the number one retail company in the u.k

3. Tesco wants to outshine their competitors and remain the market leader

4. The main aim of Tesco is to maximise profit

5. To provide goods/services that is cheap and affordable to consumers or the public.

Tesco want to be able to keep their carbon emisions down by making new buildings, they also want to make their business objects which have to follow this method Specific - this means that the business can make some specific objectives that the business wants to achieve, so if they want to hit a certain target of profit within a year they have to make a business plan or model to follow to achieve their goal.

Measurable - this means that if a business wants to make some money, they can measure it in a certain amount of time, so if a business can make £1000 pound in a month, then maybe next month they could forecast making an increase of that amount by studying the business activities throughout that month.

Achievable - this means that a goal that the business can achieve with in a time period, so if a business wants to make £1000 pound of profit in a month, then they could make it happen with the products that they might have to sell.

Realistic - this means that a business has to make realistic goals which that they can achieve, so things like making £1,500 pounds in a week, this is a realistic goal because it could be made depending on the sales in the that week.

Time related - this means that each objective is set with in certain time, so it is like a dead line, if a business sets out to make and sell 5 computers in two weeks, then they now have time to create the product and then sell it within the time set.


How long has tesco been around for?

The first Tesco store was opened in 1929

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What is the difference between tesco and oxfam?

  • Tesco is a worldwide business as it has many stores across the world.
  • Oxfam is a national organisation which provides services to the poor people in the world. they don't make any profits as of the government.
  • Tesco is a plc. public limited comapny
  • Oxfam is a charity
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What is the differences between tesco and oxfam?

Tesco is a commercail company running supermarkets and selling food.

Oxfam is a charity.


What sector does tesco operate under?

Private sector - Retail/warehouse


How many Express stores are there in the UK?

The 1000th Tesco Express in the UK was opened in July of 2009. Not sure how many have opened since.

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Why do you want to join Product Management Team?



CONSIST OF 1 Leaping a success in the activities that covers a

domainof marketing & market planing 2 Shaping the

marketing team that manages the product in a situation that

could be favorable or in-odds , in hands or beyond manageable

limits & time framing of short or long duration 3 Manage the

indentor directly ,indirectly or through satellite observer.4 Provide

the service in-process to accomplish his goals in connection with

a paradigm of a product behavior .

Team handling a PARADIGM OF

Placing Market Need

Placing the need into product

Increasing the portfolio of product

Managing the time & place

Paradigm that has linking the contribution of performers & need Develops image of company

Decides paradigm of network & system

It covers the handling of customers need vis -a -vis product features those structure synchronize to fulfill it & define outwardly the level of performance.The result oriented product thus decides the life of a

product in turn gives a behavior of the product.The product

management team applies a lever to push the product & to make the product either in "COWS OR DOGS " position in paradigm of it's clientel.

The story never ends here on the contrary OFF-SHOOT branching starts that allows to position the product in a advanced mode or modified BRAND or Lable claim .The contribution of product also determines the break even revision .Monitoring the product ,the customer & processing chanelised response ,the discripancy & the reveiwed plans physibility .Application of strategies to Perfomers lev


What time does Tesco store close on Sunday?

6:00 SIGNED Serat


How does tesco benefit from the clubcard?

The card carries specific customer information such as who the customer is, where they use a tesco, what they spend on, average spends etc. The data is used for marketing as well as diagnostics in to customer activity. They can also prompt sales of lines that are seen occurring when the card is used to "entice" the customer in. The card is used in the loyalty factor by allowing the customer to accrue "e-money". This can then only be used in a tesco store. The actual e-money of course is already spread across the product range so that you are not getting something fro nothing. The inference is by using the card the customer is making money back which in theory is true, but as stated the caost allocated in points is actually accounted for in the sales of known units (SKU's). The company then keeps pushing more products and services on to the range so that they create a greater offer to its customers and potential for new to take on a service which can encourage that customer to start shopping at a store or buy new services like the banking, insurance etc etc


Does tesco supply goods or services?



What time does tesco close on Saturday?

The times vary across the country and organisation - you will need to use their store locator's on the tesco site to get specific information


Does tesco open on easter Monday?

Yes, 10am - 7pm


How do tesco acheieve their aims and objectives by the use of functional areas 46k?

they use the discrimination law which favours their way of the running of the business and with this they are able to cut the cost of the revnue which makes them a well run business.

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How do you apply for a tesco loan?

You can apply for a tesco loan on line this is the quickest and you get an instant approval or denial or on the phone. Tesco loan can be anything personal loan and for whatever you want to use it for.


When is Tescos open on Good Friday?

tesco is open on good Friday and the Saturday before Easter Sunday.

It is open as normal till Easter Sunday where it is shut for the day.

Happy Easter Everyone!

answer posted on 11th April 3:33pm

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What is tescos motto?

Every little helps.

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Do tescos sell iTunes vouchers?

yes they do just go to the entertainment section where the ipods are it should be there

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Example of anecdote text?

please give me the example of anecdote text yet!!!


Do tesco sell new look vouchers?


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Does the store have a home deliveries service?

Yes many stores have the system of home delivery only to establish their products and business,to give a resulted fame to their products,by doing so some merchant easily come in the eyes of people swiftly that is a hard work,their products by this greed swiftly come in touch with the consumer,even some consumer keep on referring the merchants name ,only to provide the free home delivery service,except famous and larger merchant some smaller stores launch also this system and it's best to phone them to ask if they have this service. There is a fee for this so ask what that fee is,because some merchants already charged their fees and expenses,accordingly it not becomes harmful for them.


What industrial sector to tesco plc supermarket?

Tesco is a tertiary supermarket. Tesco is a global grocery and general merchandising retailer headquartered in Cheshunt in United Kingdom.

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What is tesco extra?

Tesco is a chain of supermarket stores in the UK and Europe. Tesco is one of the largest supermaket chains in the UK and has expanded rapidly in the last ten years. Tesco extra is the name Tesco use for their largest stores. Tesco Extra stores often carry everything Tesco sells, including clothing, CD & DVD, and consumer electronics. Tesco Extra stores are usually open 24 hours a day.


Does Tesco Loans have an online application form?

Yes Tesco loans do have online applications. But be careful of making sure that the Tesco website is the official website. You do not want to go on a fraud website.


What services does tesco finance offer?

Tesco finance offers all different kinds of insurance like car insurance, home insurance, and travel insurance are a few to list. To find out more one could look at the company's website.


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