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Which metal is lighter than water?

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All metals are lighter than water if you have a lot of water and just a little bit of metal!

What you really mean to ask if what metals are less dense than water.

Several metals are not as dense as water. (The density of water is 1 gram per cm3 at 4 °C.) Here's the list:

lithium (Li), density: 0.53 g/cm3

potassium (K), density: 0.86 g/cm3

sodium (Na), density: 0.97 g/cm3

However, due to the extreme chemical reaction of these elements with water, you will never see any of these pure metals floating on water for any long period of time before you see a violent reaction, which in some cases will explode.

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How do you make a ship out of metal float?

if the average density of the ship is lighter than that of the water

Is Saturn lighter or heavier than water?

it is lighter than water.

Are mangoes lighter than water?

i think mangoes aren't lighter than water

How ship float on water?

Ships, whether made of wood or metal, have a lighter specific gravity than water. Ships actually displace the water rather than floating on it.

Is frozen water 9 pecent lighter than water?

Yes, Frozen water is 9% Lighter than actual water .

Why is water lighter than oil?

It's not! Oil is lighter than water, it's a density thing.

Is oil lighter than water?

Oil is less dense and therefore lighter than water since it floats.

What is lighter than water vapor?

something that is lighter than the molecular mass of water.Mr of water= 2(1)+16=18therefore, anything with a Mr of lesser than 18 will be lighter than water vapour.example: hydrogen gas.Mr of hydrogen gas= 2(1)= 2therefore, it is lighter than water vapour.

Is gas lighter than water?

Yes, gas is much lighter than water. The reason is that its larger molecules are much less dense than those of water.

Is water heavier than Mercury?

No, water is lighter than mercury.

What is heavier than water but lighter than mercury?

salted water

Why does rubber float on water?

Because it's lighter than the weight of water, it can float over the water easily.

What is lighter than oil?


Which metal is stronger and lighter than steel?

titanium, carbon fibre

Is metal framing lighter than 2 by 4 framing?


Does petrol float on water?

Yes - Oil is lighter than water. Petrol, or gasoline, floats on water because it is lighter that water.

Is coal lighter than water?

Coal can be heavier or lighter than water depending on its type. Most types of coal are heavier than water in terms of density, however, broken bituminous coal has only a density of 0.833 kg/m3, so it is lighter than water.

Is oil heavier or lighter than water?

lighter...that's why oil mixed with water floats on the top

Is vegetable oil heavier than water?

No. Oils are lighter than water.

Why is plastic lighter than water?

plastic has less density than water

Why alcohol is lighter than water?

It depends on alcohol density. However, not all alcohols are lighter than water. Refer to link below.

What make things float in salt water?

Basically, if something is lighter than water, it will float. If the water is somehow made heavier, more things will be lighter than it. If you add a lot of salt to water, the body of water becomes heavier. Something that is heavier than water might be lighter than saltwater and float in saltwater but not normal water.

Why frozen water lighter than water in liquid form?

Frozen water actually has less mass then water so it would be lighter

What is the true about an object that floats in water?

It is lighter than water

What is an object that floats in water?

something lighter than water