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Which metals are the most conductive?

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Silver: best

Copper: 9% less conductive than silver

Aluminium is 10% less conductive than copper

Gold: 24% less conductive than copper (but doesn't tarnish or corrode)

Brass is somewhere here.

Rhodium: 74% less conductive than copper

Iridium: 77% less conductive than copper

Platinum: 84% less conductive than copper

Titanium: Over 99% less conductive than copper

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This table shows the resistivity, conductivity and temperature coefficient of various materials at 20 °C (68 °F) Materialρ [Ω·m] at 20 °Cσ [S/m] at 20 °CTemperature

coefficient[note 1]

[K−1]ReferenceSilver1.59×10−86.30×1070.0038[1][2]Copper1.68×10−85.96 × 1070.0039[2]Annealed Copper[note 2]

5.80 × 107

[citation needed]Gold[note 3]2.44×10−84.52 × 1070.0034[1]Aluminium[note 4]2.82×10−83.5 × 1070.0039[1]Calcium3.36x10−8


















0.0009[4]Nichrome[note 5]1.10×10−6

0.0004[1]Carbon (amorphous)5-8×10−4

−0.0005[1][6]Carbon (graphite)[note 6]2.5-5.0×10−6 ⊥ basal plane

3.0×10−3 // basal plane

[7]Carbon (diamond)[note 7]~1012

[8]Germanium[note 7]4.6×10−1

−0.048[1][2]Sea water[note 8]2×10−14.8

[9]Drinking water[note 9]

0.0005 to 0.05

[citation needed]Deionized water[note 10]

5.5 × 10−6

[10]Silicon[note 7]6.40×102

−0.075[1]Glass1010 to 1014

?[1][2]Hard rubberapprox. 1013



3 to 8 × 10−15



Quartz (fused)7.5×1017



Teflon1022 to 1024


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Which metals are conductive?

Silver, copper, gold, aluminum are the most electrical conductive metals.

What is conductive metals?

All metals are conductive. That is part of the definition of metals

Is mercury more electrically conductive than copper?

No. Copper is the second most elkectircally conductive of all metals. Silver is the most conductive.

Are non-metals or metals better conductors of electricity which one is most conductive?


Is conductive a non metal or metal?

All metals are conductive, and some non- metals are conductive such as Carbon.

Which metals are the most conductive Why?

Most conductive of sound waves would be Beryllium, on account of its Young's Modulus.Most conductive of magnetism would be soft iron, because of its magnetic permeability.The metal most conductive of electricity is silver, though there are things more conductive of both heat and electricity.

What are the 4 most conductive metals?

Silver, gold, copper platinum.

What two classes of elements are conductive?

Metals and metalloids are conductive.

What are metals that are attracted to magnets?

they are called conductive metals

Is aluminum conductive?

Aluminum is a metal, so yes it is conductive; however, it is not as conductive as some other metals.

Which metals are the non-conductive?

None - unless they're in the oxide form.

How do you use conductive in a sentence?

Many metals are very conductive regarding electricity.

Are metals conductive and ductile?

Yes they are.

What metals electrically conductive?

All metals are conductors of heat and electricity.

Are there any metals which do not act as a conductor?

All metals are electrically conductive.

Is rubidium conductive?

It's a metal, and one of the properties of metals is that they're conductive, so yes.

Are all metals conductive?

Yes all metals conduct heat and electricity.

Name non conductive metals?

There are no non-conductive metals. What makes something a metal is that it has electrons that are free to move about its volume rather than being bound to a particular atom, and that is also what makes metals conductive, so conductivity in metal is unavoidable. Certainly, some are less conducive than others. The least conductive metal is plutonium at 6.66x10-4 Ω·cm. This is about 10 times better than the most conductive non-metalic element, carbon, at 6.1x105 Ω·cm. (Carbon, in turn, is about 300,000 time more conductive than the next best non-metal, tellurium.) Alloys tend to be less conductive than pure metals. There may be some alloys less conductive than carbon (but not less than tellurium.)

Which of all the metals are not conductive?

all metals in pure form are conductive, that's because they will always have free electrons circling around them ready to be used as electricity.

Is platinum conductive?

Yes, all metals are conductive.Platinum's conductivity 94.34 1/mohm-cm

Is metal conductive?

yes metals are the best conductors

What do metals metalloids have in common?

electrically and thermally conductive

Is cobalt electrically conductive?

Yep. All metals are.

Does lithum conduct electricity?

All metals are conductive.

What metals are non conductive?

All metals conduct electricty. Just that some do so better than others. But, some metals quickly develop a non-conductive oxide coating, and this coating can be a poor conductor.

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