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Which military ranks there were in the 2nd World War?

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there are quite a few.they are in order of importance from least to most:






i hope that helped

Manager and leader are not military ranks. These are civilian terms only.

Sergeant is the correct spelling of this army or police rank.

There are so many more ranks.

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What were the ranks of US women in World War 2?

riveters. they could work in factories, but were not permitted to serve in the military.

How many british military personnel were killed in the 2nd world war?


What were the ranks in World War I?

yes there were just like the ranks in modern warfare

What are the highest ranks in the military?

The highest rank in the military is General, unless you are at war a Marshal (field general) will be appointed.

How many italian soldiers where in World War 2?

According to John Keegan's The Times Atlas of the Second World War, the peak strength of the Italian military during WWII was about 4,500,000. (The number of personnel who passed through the ranks of the military is unknown, and very difficult to estimate).

What are some Military ranks in World War 1?

Pretty much the same as they are now. Private, Corporal, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, General.

What are the ranks of World War 1?

12th prestige on COD!

What were the military ranks in world war 2?

The ranks in the US Military then were a lot similar to today, but with minor changes. The rank Sergeant First Class during the war would have been Technical Sergeant, but there were also different grades of Technical Sergeant. The Air Force which had not been created was Army Air Corps, and had similar ranks back then. Today the US Air Force still uses the rank Technicaly Sergeant. Private First Class and Specialist were merged towards Specialist Private,usually called Specialist. Not much else has changed in US Military ranks.

What does military uniform in world war 2 mean?

A military uniform is used to identify one nation from another and to distinguish between different ranks and services. Still used today military uniforms have been around for 1000s of years as seen by the Romans.

How many military deaths where there in World War 2?

How Many Military Deaths Where There In World War Two ? :)

The job of a private in world war one?

a rubbish soldier in the bottom three ranks a rubbish soldier in the bottom three ranks

Who were the Japanese military leaders in World War 2?

The japanese military leaders in world war 2 was Genaral Alix .

What was the size of the french military before world war 2?

what was the order of military by size before world war 2

What were the ranks for enlisted men in revolutionary war?

The ranks were (not in thisorder) seargeant, private, captain, colonel, lieutenant, general, coronet, ensign, and subaltern. Coronet, ensign, and subaltern are not used in today's military.

US Military war deaths World War 2?

Estimated 416,800 military loses

What war had the most military casualties?

The war that had the most military casualties was World War II. There were 1,076, 245 military casualties during that time.

How many military personnel died in World War 1?

There was about 9.7 million military personnel killed in world war one.

Who was the head of the Japanese military in World War 2?

Emperor Showa was head of the Japanese military during the Second World War.

How did the war promote egalitarianism?

In the eighteenth century, in the military, one could rise in the ranks even if one wasn't born wealthy or of noble blood. The military promoted meritocracy.

Why did the 2nd world war start?

The 2nd world war started because of Hitler who wanted to rule the entire world, however over countries fought against him so the 2nd world war began.

What happen after World War 2?

war and military school

Who was the Spanish military dictator during World War 2?

Francisco Franco was the Spanish military dictator during World War 2.

Number of soviet military deaths in world war 2?

I believe about 10,700,000 military deaths in the Soviet Union for World War 11.

Was Japan's military expansionists during World War 1?

World War 2

What are World war 2 cemeteries?

World war 2 cemeteries are military cemeteries.