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Q: Which minority wielded the greatest political power in its reign in the period before the civil war?
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Which minority wielded greatest political power in its region in the period before civil war?

planters in the South

What is a wise minority?

A wise Minority is someone who thinks before they act.

What are the duties of the house minority leader?

He or she provides campaign assistance to party incumbents and challengers.The minority leader devises strategies, in consultation with other partisan colleagues, that advance party objectives. For example, by stalling action on the majority party's agenda, the minority leader may be able to launch a campaign against a "do-nothing Congress."The minority leader works to promote and publicize the party's agenda.The minority leader, if his or her party controls the White House, confers regularly with the President and his or her aides about issues before Congress, the Administration's agenda, and political events generally.The minority leader strives to promote party harmony so as to maximize the chances for legislative and political success.

Can you sell a business to your spouse to qualify for a minority business loan?

You can sell your business to your spouse and if she is a minority, then she may be eligible for a minority business loan. You must ask the loan officer if the person has to be the owner for a certain amount of time before they qualify for the loan.

What was in Rwanda before Europeans colonized?

A minority group, the Tutsis, ruled over the Hutu majority.

What was the political status of Native Americans before the 1920's?

they had no political status.

What was Ford's political career like before he was president?

He was a Member of the House of Representatives from January 3, 1949-December 6, 1973, The House Minority Leader from January 3, 1965-December 6, 1973, and Vice President from December 6, 1973-August 9, 1974.

What was true in Rwanda before Europeans colonized?

A minority group, the Tutsis, ruled over the Hutu majority.

Does Canada have a majority government or a minority government?

Canada currently has a majority Conservative government, as of May 2, 2011. Before that, it had a minority government.

How political parties can be reformed?

producing an affidavict before the government by the the political leaders. well organised register of political parties

What political party was not liked by the constitution?

The constitution was created before political parties were, so neither

What are Iraq's political parties?

which political party was in power in Iraqi before it was overthrown by us government ?