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Q: Which minster who write about slavery would most southerns most dislike?
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Which minister who wrote about slavery would southerns most dislike?

albert barnes

What did the southerns goal the hoped to achieve by fighting the civil war?

To preserve slavery and have their own nation where slavery would exist.

Which minister who wrote about slavery would southerners dislike?

albert barnes

What minister who wrote about slavery would Southerners most dislike?

Albert Barnes

How do southerns feel knowing their ancestors went to war to keep a race of people in slavery?

most southerns will go to their graves believing it was all about state rights and taxes. if only they would read the declaration of sessesion and the fugitive slave act they could die knowing the TRUTH.

What did Harriet Tubman hate?

harriet tubman would dislike the south, or the confederacy. More because of the slavery and the punishments that happened there.

Which person would you be embarrassed to be drunk in front of?

Probably your parents or your minster.

How did white southerns attempt to keep freed slaves from voting?

They threaten they would kill them.

Why did southerners dislike Uncle Tom's Cabin?

The book was about slavery and it showed the harsh realities of it. It made the Southerners fear that slavery would be abolished because of it. The pro slavery even made books like Aunt Phillis' Cabin and Uncle Robin in His Cabin in Virginia and One in Boston.

What is the difference between a minster and a cathedral?

ive read a cathedral is so named because it is/was were the chair for a bishop is/was held . (latin-chair) A minster is a church which would have originaly housed monks etc to go out to preach to the nearby population e.g -york minster is in fact both a cathedral and minster!

Why would white southerns pass laws that controlled the movement of African Americans?

To make it equally

How would you use the word dislike?

She didn't dislike any of her new friends.