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The Rutherford model,


the nuclear model

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Q: Which model of the atom was supported by the gold foil experiment?
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Did Gold foil experiment supported the blueberry muffin model of the atom?

The blueberry muffin model said that the particles of the atom are evenly distributed through a positively charged medium. The gold foil experiment showed that some rays were deflected, indicating a mass capable of deflecting the rays projected through the gold foil, thus disproving the muffin model.

How did Ernest Rutherford's gold foil experiment change the model of the atom?

After that famous experiment, it was realized that atoms were mostly empty space.

Which conclusion is based on the gold foil experiment and resulting model or the atom?

An atom is mainly empty space, and the nucleus has a positive charge.

Which statement is supported by the results of rutherfords gold foil experiment?

There is a dense, positively charged mass in the center of an atom.

How did Rutherfords work help form the presentday model of the atom?

His experiment with the gold foil and the beam of positively charged particles proved that the nucleus of the atom is not solid. The beam past through the foil and bounced back. Rutherford's experiment contradicted Thomson's theory that an atom is solid.

Who discovered the nuclear atom?

The nuclear atom was discovered by Ernest Rutherford. He did it with a gold foil experiment.

The gold-foil experiment led scientists to conclude that an atom's?

The gold-foil experiment led scientists to conclude that an atom's volume is mainly unoccupied.

What experiment convinced Ernest Rutherford that the atom has a small positivity charged nucleus?

th gold foil experiment

Which particle was discovered in the gold foil experiment?

The atom.

What conclusion is based on the gold foil experiment and the resulting model of the atom?

an atom has hardly any empty space *********************2nd Opinion*************** Just the opposite. An atom is almost entirely empty space.

What did gold foil experiment tell about the atom?

that the atom mostly consisted of empty space

What experiment convinced Ernest Rutherford thet atom has a small positively charged nucleus?

Rutherford used the gold foil experiment to figure out that an atom had charged particles in the nucleus