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Which moon would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter out of lo Europa Ganymede and Callisto?

Lo would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter as it is the closest! Then Europa then Ganymede and finally Callisto I got that homework the other day

Why would lo look the brightest then Europa Ganymede and Callisto from Jupiter's surface?

Because it's the inner most satellite and therefor closer to the surface of Jupiter. However, the difference between the other moons is not that much.

Listed the order of brightness for each moon as seen from Jupiter surface?

Io Europa Ganymede Callisto

What is the order of brightness of Jupiters moons from Jupiter?

i believe that it is Io, Europa, Ganymede then Callisto. This is in order of brightness seen from Jupiter's surface.

What is land that looks like the moon?

Surface of MercurySurface of GanymedeSurface of Callisto

Is there gravity on Ganymede and Callisto?

Yes. All major bodies in the solar system have noticeable gravity. Ganymede and Callisto have surface gravities of 14% and 12% of Earth's gravity respectively.

Why is Ganymede Jupiter's brightest moon?

Because it has the highest albedo, or it's ability to diffuse light from it's surface, combined with the fact that it is the largest moon of Jupiter.

The order of brightness for each moon from Jupiter's surface?

lo europe ganymede callisto

Which moon would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter?

The moon Io would look the brightest from the surface of Jupiter because It is the nearest.

Which of Jupiter's moons appears the brightest from Jupiter and why?

io is the brightest from jupiters surface

Which moon looks the brightest from the surface of Jupiter?

The moon Io looks the brightest from the surface of Jupiter. That's because Io is the closest moon to the planet. Io is the moon on the left of the planet.

What are Jupiter's moons surfaces like?

Europa, Ganymede, and Callisto all have rough, icey surfaces. Io has a smoother, rocky surface.

Which are the four biggest satellites of Jupiter?

Jupiter has 63 satellites/moons. But it has 4 large one known as: 1. Ganymede (largest in the Solar System) 2. Io (most geologically active body in the Solar System) 3. Europa (has ice and rocks on its surface) 4. Callisto (contains many craters)

What moon would look the brightest from the Jupiter surface?

Io would be because i t is closest

Does Ganymede have ice caps?

No. The entire surface of Ganymede is ice.

What are the features of Callisto?

Callisto is heavily cratered and has a water ice surface

What do take to survive Jupiter?

Don't go there. Jupiter is not habitable by humans. It will be possible, using our technology, to settle the Jovian moons such as Ganymede or possibly Callisto. Europa may be covered with ice, with liquid water oceans below the surface; it's at least possible that some form of Europan life may exist there. Io is right out; covered with volcanoes that spew sulfur out to orbital altitudes.

What is Ganymedes gravity compared to earth?

Ganymede is the largest moon in the solar system, one of the four main moons of Jupiter. Its surface gravity is 0.146g or 14.6% of the earths. A 100kg man would weigh 14.6kg on Ganymede.

Does Ganymede have seasons?

Ganymede experiences the same mild temperature change as Jupiter as it orbits the sun. However due it is negligible atmosphere of 0.1 Pa, and surface of water ice, it's is restricted as to what it can experience in the way of seasonal change.

What is the surface of callisto?

ice water

Does s callisto have water on the surface?


What is the surface on Jupiter?

the surface on jupiter is that it has no surface at all

Does the planet Jupiter have any moons orbiting it and if so how many and describe them?

Jupiter has 63 discovered moons. most of them tiny asteroids a few kilometers in diameter. there are however only 4 large and interesting moons orbiting Jupiter, these are Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto. also known as the Galileo satellites. the closest one, Io is full of volcanic activity caused by the extreme tidal with Jupiter. the rest of the moons are fairly rich in Hydrogen and oxygen and therefor also water. it is believed on Europa alone it is more liquid water under its icy surface then there is here on the entire Earth.The moons of Jupiter have the four largest moons they are ganymede, Io, europa, and calisto. about 60 more moons have been found over the centeries

When was Callisto discovered in?

Moon Callisto, the second largest moon of planet Jupiter and the third largest moon in the solar system was discovered in year 1610 by Galileo Galilei. It was easy to see, being so large. Callisto is made of about half ice and half rock, and seems to have no geology. Its surface is one of the oldest in the solar system.

Why is europa the brightest moon to Jupiter as it is not the closest?

Yes, as the surface of Europa is made of ice- it is therefore reflective of the light which makes it look brighter and bigger.

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