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Mount kosciuszko and Australian alps

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Q: Which mountains are on the south end of the great dividing range?
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What is the mountain range that Mt Kosciusko is in?

Mt Kosciuszko is in the Snowy Mountains, which are in the Main aka North New South Wales Range of the Great Dividing Range of Australia.

What is the chef mountain range of each continent?

North America - Rocky Mountains South America - Andes Mountains Europe - Alps Africa - Atlas Mountains Asia - Himalayas Australia - Great Dividing Range Antarctica - Transantarctic Mountains

In which country are the Snowy Mountains located?

The Snowy Mountains are located in the south east of New South Wales, Australia. They are the tallest poit og the great dividing range. this region as many farms and skifeilds

Where are the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains lie just west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. The Blue Mountains are part of the Great Dividing Range, which extends down the eastern coast of the continent.

Which mountain is on the south end of the Great Dividing Range?

There are many mountains in the Great Dividing Range.A small selection of individual mountains include:Mt KosciuszkoMt BogongMt HothamMt Bartle FrereMt TownsendMt LindesayMt MitchellMt BarneyMt BuffaloMt Baw BawMt FeathertopMt MacedonThe Great Dividing Range includes the following ranges (among many others):Australian AlpsCentral Highlands and Southern HighlandsMoonbi RangeBlue MountainsAtherton TablelandSouthern TablelandsLiverpool RangeThe GrampiansOtway RangeDandenong RangeBunya MountainsLiverpool RnageMcPherson RangesD'Aguilar range

Which state is the Great dividing range in?

The Great Dividing Range of Australia extends through three states: Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

What mountain range is in the southeast area of Australia?

There are numerous mountain ranges in Australia's southeast. The main range that extends from the far north right down to the south and into western Victoria is the Great Dividing Range. There are numerous smaller ranges within this range, such as the Snowy Mountains and the Australian Alps, the Dandenongs, and Ramshead Range, just to name a few.

What mountain is in the great dividing range in australasia?

Mount Kosciuszko, located in the Snowy Mountains of New South Wales, Australia, is the highest mountain in the Great Dividing Range in Australasia. It stands at an elevation of 2,228 meters (7,310 feet) above sea level and is a popular hiking destination.

Where on earth are the longest mountain ranges located?

The longest mountain range on Earth is the Andes, located in South America. The Rocky Mountains in North America and the Great Dividing Range in Australia are also among the longest.

What is the mountain range travelling through Queensland New South Wales and Victoria?

The mountain range that runs down the east coast of Australia is called the Great dividing range.

Is the Illawarra Escarpment in Australia part of the Great Dividing Range?

Yes. The Illawarra Escarpment in New South Wales is most certainly part of the Great Dividing Range.

Is the Great Dividing Range really an escarpment?

The entire Great Dividing Range is not an escarpment. However, there is one section known as the Illawarra Escarpment on its eastern side in New South Wales.