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Q: Which movie does Kevin Bacon play a retarded kid?
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Who does Kevin Bacon play in the movie 'Armageddon'?

Kevin Bacon was not in the movie 'Armageddon'.

What movie did Kevin Bacon play a prison guard?

Kevin Bacon plays a guard in the movie Sleepers.

Did Kevin Bacon play in the movie Diner?

Yes, Kevin Bacon portrayed Timothy Fenwick, Jr. in the movie.

Which movie does Kevin Bacon play a retard?

Digging to China

Who do Kevin Bacon and colin firth play in the nc 17 movie where the truth lies?

Who do Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth in the play NC-17 movie Where the Truth Lies?

In which 2000 movie did Kevin Bacon play the character Sebastian Caine?

Hollow Man.

Who do Kevin Bacon and Colin Firth play in the nc-17 movie where the truth lies?

1950s comedians

Did Kevin Bacon play a serial killer in a movie?

hollow man, he was invisible and he killed everyone 1989 Criminal Law

Who does Kevin Bacon play in x-men first class?

He plays as Sebastian_Shaw_(comics).

Did Kevin Bacon play in the wonder years?

No. I am assuming this is from Season 3 Episode 9 "Math Class Squared". The boy who plays McCormick and resembles a young Kevin Bacon is in fact Chris Demetral.

Did Kevin Bacon play in x-men first class?

he played sebastian shaw of the hellfire club

Who was going to be cast before Kevin Bacon in Footloose?

Per IMDB Christopher Atkins was to play Ren McCormack prior to Kevin Bacon.

Who is a good actor to play an uncle in a movie?

Kevin Corrigan

What movie did Kevin costner play an Indian?

dances with wolves

Who will play Poseidon in The Lightning Thief movie?

Kevin McKidd

What TV shows did Kevin Bacon play in?

Search for Tomorrow, The Guiding Light, The Demon Murder Case, Mister Roberts, The Little Sister, Lemon Sky, Frasier, Will and Grace, Bored to Death. For more info search Kevin Bacon on Wikipedia or IMDb :)

Did Kevin Bacon play guitar in a band called Miami Sound Machine at a Homecoming Concert with Gloria Estefan?

no, I think it was Dan Huff

What 1989 film did Kevin Costner play Ray Kinsella?

Kevin Costner played Ray Kinsella in the movie "Field of Dreams".

Does Zac Efron play in Frozen the movie?

No it was Kevin Zegers. Looks like him tho :)

Did Francis bacon play sports?

HAHA BACON! That's a funny name and no francis bacon did not

How do mental retarded people play sports?

They play each other in the special olympics.

What instrument can Kevin Jonas play?

Kevin Jonas can play Guitar

Did Kevin Bacon play the drums with Santana at 1969 Woodstock?

No, that was Michael Shrieve, who was only twenty years old at the time of Woodstock. He was the regular drummer with Santana from 1969 to 1974.

What role did religion play in bacon's rebellion?

The bacon's rebellion leader's name was Religion

Why do people act retarded?

Believe me, retarded people are not acting. People who play act, imitating what they believe is a retarded person's behavior, are simply ignorant and probably in desperate need of attention with a severely retarded self-esteem. Such 'actors' are considered bullies, ridiculing the defenselessness of another person.