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I prefer punk rock, but everyone is entitled to an opinion

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Q: Which music style is better rap or punk rock?
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Which style of rock music is derived from punk?

Grunge, hardcore, pop punk...

What style of music is The Clash?

Early Punk Rock

What music style is green day?

Mostly Punk Rock and Alternative Rock.

What kind of band is green day?

their early music was punk rock now it is like pop rock or pop punk Their genre is punk rock but some of their songs have the pop punk style.

What is the difference between funk and punk?

Punk is a subclutre, that has her own fashion, ideology and music style, that called punk rock. Funk is a music style that has no connection to punk, it's actually a black music genere that developed from rhytm & blues i think.

Name three new style of rock music in the 1970s?

Heavy rock / metal, progressive, punk.

What style of music do green day play?

Mostly Alternative rock, but they grew off of punk rock

Is Taylor Momsen punk?

Not really, both her clothing style and her band's music are more grunge rock than punk.

What style of music does green day the band write?

Green Day mostly writes Punk Rock music.

How is the music of alternative rock glam rock and modern rock characterized?

Alternative rock has its roots in punk rock, music originally not "mainstream". However, it has become a mainstream genre; a style that owes to punk, new wave, and post punk music. Glam rock is a style that includes flashy, over the top fashions and music. The gay/camp aesthetic is predominant. Music has art pretensions; the performers often wear glitzy, shiny costumes, make up and hair. Modern rock is also post-punk; it also includes more pop elements that might not be included in the "alternative rock" genre.

What style of music does the singer Pink sing?

Pop, pop rock, R&B, dance, pop punk, rock

What do you call someone that likes punk rock music?

Well, it depends. Does this person like the punk style, also? If so, then that person would be described as punk. If that person just likes the music, then they would be described as, well, someone who likes punk music.

What style of music did the sex pistols sing?

The Sex Pistols are normally considered English Punk Rock

What style music are paramore's?

People consider Paramore to be a punk rock band - even an emo band.

What type of music does the band The Maine play?

The Maine is a band that plays music for those who like rock or punk. Mostly, The Maine plays punk style of music and has a certain rebellious air of confidence.

Is the rock better than cm punk?

Cm punk is better than the rock

What type of music does Ellegarden perform?

Ellegarden was formed in Chiba, Japan in 1998. Their music style ranges from punk rock to pop punk. Unfortunately now Ellegarden is no longer together.

What style of rock is green day?

Punk rock or Alternative rock.

What is a punk rocker?

A person who listens to punk rock music.

What are punk rockers?

People who listen to punk rock music.

What style of music does Kisschasy play?

They play a lot of alternative & punk, alternative, rick and rock :) i love ksschasy <3

What style of rock are blink 182 famous for?

they play punk rock.

Which is better for punk rock news Spin Magazine or Uncut Magazine?

Uncut Magazine is definitely better for punk rock news. It has more articles on punk rock bands.

What is unique about psychobilly music?

Psychobilly music is a particular style of music which is popular in the United States. It mixes elements of punk rock and other genres and originated in the late 1970s.

What is billie joes musical style?

punk rock