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z5 (1.5) and bp (1.8) engine Ron 93+, 2.0l v6 Ron 95+

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Q: Which octane level of petrol should you use for Mazda 323F year 1998?
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What is means by 95 petrol fuel in Saudi Arabia?

They may be referring to the octane level of the fuel.

What does super unleaded petrol contain?

water and cooton balls(above) one things for sure it doesn't contain that! I think its a higher octane level then normal unleaded petrol.???

What is the octane number of LPG?

The octane value of LPG is usually regarded to be 100 to 105 RON. However in some cities it can be as low as 96 which is the same as super grade leaded petrol. No additives are added to LPG to increase the octane level. It naturally is a high octane fuel.

What is the best octane level fuel 1992 Toyota pickup?

What octane of gas should I run in my 1992 Toyota pick up 22re

What is lead free petrol?

It is petrol (gasoline) that has not had its apparent octane level enhanced by tetra ethyl lead (TEL) to reduce knocking in automotive fuel. This was a common practice in the past but now this improvement to petrol burning characteristics is achieved by the addition of other additive packages (MMT, oxygenates including MTBE, TAME, and ETBE) and modified formulations. Some aviation fuels still contain lead (100 octane avgas for piston-engine aircraft).

What octane level used for 88Ci harley electra glide?

91 octane

What is the octane level of aircraft fuel?

The avgas sold at most airports is 100 octane.

What octane level is required for a Acura TL?

The owners manual says 93 octane.

What kind of gas do you put in a 2000 Lincoln LS?

I have a 04 Lincoln LS V6 and it uses premium grade fuel (octane 91+). there should be a sticker in the inside of the fuel door that 'll tell you what octane level you should be using.

How do you use petrol and oil mixing bottles?

I would assume that this is for mixing regular petrol with a 2-stroke engine oil. The mixing bottle normally has an initial level to fill with petrol which should be about 98% of the total volume. You then top up with 2-stroke oil to the final fill level. Therefore there should be two graduation levels near to the top of the bottle.

What is octane level required for ford E250 2001?

For a 2001 Ford E-250 : The gasoline engines use " regular " unleaded , 87 octane

What is the octane level for a 1991 Chevy Caprice?

305 Small Block Chevy engines typically were 8.6 compression ratio and would use 87 octane fuel.