Which of the Jonas brother have diabetes?


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Nick Jonas Has Diabetes


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Nick! He was only 13 when he found out. :(

The Jonas Brother who is making the PSA for diabetes.

Yes. Nick Jonas has diabetes.

no only Nick Jonas has diabetes

How long has Nick Jonas have his diabetes for?

webcam when his brother joe said Oh my god you got diabetes

Nick Jonas Has diabetes sorry If I spelled it wrong... Have u :-) today? soon bob will take over you tube! his user name is streetsurfer None of them!! but Nick has Type 1 Diabetes :(

If you mean, "Can you kiss Nick Jonas if he has diabetes", the answer is yes, of course! Diabetes isn't contagious

Nick Jonas does NOT have diabetes. So that means he does not a diabetes docter what are you talking about!! he was diagnosed in 2005 with type 1 diabetes!

Nick Jonas has Type 1 Diabetes, diagnosed at their 2005 tour

No, Joe Jonas does not have diabetes. But Nick Jonas has type 1 diabetes and uses a omnipod to help control it

nick Jonas has diabetes

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in November 2005.

Nick Jonas has type 1 diabtes which is Juvenile diabetes because he got it when he was a kid and he will have diabetes for the rest of his life.

No. Nick has diabetes. (Type 1)

Nick Jonas was diagnosed with type one diabetes on November 16th 2006.

Yes. Joseph Adam Jonas (better known as "Joe") is a Jonas brother

it is a medical ID tag. It says " Nicholas Jonas Diabetes" because he has diabetes.

In November 2005, Nick Jonas found out that he had type 1 diabetes. He was 13

Nick, and he has type 1 diabetes.

the Jonas brother that went out with Miley is Nick Jonas

Kevin Jonas is the oldest brother

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