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What are earths four spheres?

crust,mantle,outer core and inner core

What does the earths crust include?

The Earth's crust includes everything we know ON EARTH except for the Mantle, and core, and the elements of the mantle, and core.

What is the earths crust and upper part of the mantle called?

The Earths crust and upper part of the mantle is called the Lithosphere

How far is the mantle away from the crust of the earth?

The mantle is located between the earths core and crust. The mantle is estimated to be about 1,800 miles or 2,896.8 kilometers down from the earths crust.

What is under the earths surface and in the earths crust?


Is the mantle below or beside the crust?

The Earth's mantle is below the crust. The layers of the Earth form concentric spheres. Below the mantle is the core.

Is earths mantle hotter or cooler than the crust?

The mantle is hotter than the crust.

Which of the earth's spheres includes its mantle core and crust?

The geosphere.

Which of earth spheres includes its mantle crust and core?

The geosphere.

Where is most of the earths new crust found?

in the earths mantle

What lies below the earths crust?


Does the mantle support the Earths crust?

yes it does.

What is the large piece of the earths crust?

the mantle

What is also called the earths crust?


What is crust and upper mantle of the EARTH?

The upper mantle is in between the lower mantle and the earths crust Crust- the outer most solid shell of the earth. The Uppermost mantle and the earth's crust form the lithosphere.

What are the three parts that make up Earths mantle?

The three parts that make up the Earths mantle are the crust, core, and mantle.

What are the features of earths crust mantle and core?

the crust is dirt, the mantle is lava and the core is liquid and or solid metal

Which of Earths layers is just below the crust?

The Upper Mantle Upper mantle

Is the earths mantle part of the biosphere?

No, the mantle is in the crust of earth and isn't living.

Can you name earths crust?

crust athenisphere mantle outer core innercore

What is the layer of earth beneath the crust called?

the mantle is beneath earths crust

What area of earth's crust is the thickest?

the area of of earths crust that is the thickest is the mantle.

Sections of earths crust and upper mantle?


Plates are composed of earths crust and?

outer mantle

By which process is the earths crust returned to the mantle?