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The element with an atomic number of 4 is helium. Helium is a colorless odorless tasteless non-toxic inert monatomic gas. It is the second lightest element and the second most abundant element in the universe. Helium is most commonly found on Earth as a by-product of natural gas production. It is used in a variety of applications including:

  • Cryogenics
  • Arc welding
  • Pressurizing liquid-fueled rockets
  • Gas lasers
  • Breathing gas for divers and astronauts

Helium is also used as a coolant in nuclear reactors and MRI machines. It is also used to detect leaks in vacuum systems and pressurized gas systems.

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Q: Which of the folling elements has an atomic number of 4?
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If the atomic number of 4 different elements is 102 what does itmean?

Atomic number is unique. It cannot be same for different elements.

How are the elements in a period arranged?

elements are arranged in period 4 according to their atomic number

What are the 4 things that the elements in the p-block contains?

It contains the symbols, atomic number, atomic name and the real name of the elements.

What element on the periodic table of elements has 4 protons?

Beryllium, symbol Be, has the atomic number of 4.

What are the group number and period of the elements in the periodic table if it has an atomic number of 40?

Zirconium(Zr) has an atomic number of 40. It is in Group 4 and Period 5.

In modern periodic table the elements are designed on ascending seris of 1. atomic mass 2. mass number 3. atomic number 4. electromic configuration?

Atomic number = number of protons.

What is the number of neutrons for a specific element equal to?

The average number of neutrons that a specific element has is equivilent to the element's atomic mass minus the that elements atomic number. For example Helium has 2 neutrons because its atomic mass (4) minus the atomic number (2) is 2.

How many protons does a atom with the atomic number of 4 have?

Since atomic number is the number of protons, an atom with the atomic number of 4 has 4 protons.

What element has a smaller atomic mass than element 5?

If "element 5" in this question means the element with atomic number 5, then all of the elements with atomic numbers 1 through 4 have smaller atomic masses. These elements are hydrogen, helium, lithium, and beryllium.

How do the elements in period 4 to show the physical state of the elements changes as the atomic number increases?

The last members are bromine (liquid) and krypton (gas).

An element has an atomic number of 4 and atomic weight of 9 what is the number of neutrons in the nucleus of this atom?

Number of neutrons = atomic mass - atomic number = 9-4 = 5

What is the atomic number of berryllium?

The atomic number of Beryllium is 4.

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