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usually bottled water does not have fluoride in it unless they advertise that it does (like nursery water or water specifically for kids they may add fluoride to those)

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Q: Which of the following best describes the fluoride content of bottled water?
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Do you put toothpaste on a spot?

You can do. As I understand it, if your toothpastes fluoride content is reasonably high, it will help.

Does boiling water eliminate the fluoride content?

But merely boiling the water will not eliminate the fluoride and can in fact concentrate it because you have the same amount of fluoride in less water. You can distill the water. Meaning you can boil the water then capture the steam, which will be pure. But the process is expensive. You need special filters to remove the fluoride.

What is the exact mineral content in tap water?

Here is a good article on the mineral content of various tap water and bottled water sources. In general, tap water contains minerals like calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, chloride, zinc, iron, copper, and fluoride. This is not a comprehensive list, and mineral content of water varies dramatically by region, source, and distribution system. Even your household plumbing will have an effect.

The fluoride content of drinking water in southern states as compared to that in northern states that should be?

The fluoride content in drinking water of southern states is less, compared to northern states. One reason is southern states tend to be warmer longer and people will drink more water.

Are all boxed wines the same alcohol content?

The same as in bottled wine, which is anywhere between 7 and 16%.

What name describes pieces of content that are stored in galleries?

Formatted pieces of content stored in galleries is called the Building Block.

What describes formatted pieces of content that are stored in galleries?

Formatted pieces of content stored in galleries is called the Building Block.

Is water fluoridated in Wiveliscombe?

Ask your local water supplier company for detailed information on composition: The fluoride content in mmol/L or mg/L

Flouride removal from drinking water?

Distillation is the best method for removing fluoride from water. Activated carbon filters have been know to reduce fluoride but not efficiently, there performance depends on several variables, including pH and the general mineral content of the water being filtered. Reverse Osmosis is another method used to remove fluoride but it is an expensive choice at present.

What generally describes granite?

as dark colored rock with low silica content

Is there any salt in bottled water?

The level of minerals, ions and chemical pollutants that have been found in bottled water vary with each brand, as well as with the geographical location of the production plant. European bottled waters have been found to have a much higher mineral content than American bottled waters. Some American brands' water have been found to have the same chemical content as municipal tap water. There have been brands of bottled water that contain toxic disinfection biproducts, that are known to cause cancer, and are now required to put on a warning label. Here are some chemical contents found in most brands of bottled water, internationally: Calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, bicarbonates, chlorine, sulfates.

Is fluoride deficiency known to cause dental decay?

yes of course flouride is a material used by the body to make up tooth material the higher the flouride content the stronger the tooth (up to a level - too much flouride causes damage to teeth) thus - flouride deficiency causes teeth to be more prone to tooth decay