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No bottled soda has more suger

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Q: Does fountain soda have more sugar than a bottle soda?
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How does a soda fountain work?

If its the mento soda fountain, the [sugar?] in the mentos mix with the carbon and the new stuff expands. Then you drink it. XD

How do Mentos affect the gases in soda?

If you drop a mentos in a bottle of soda, the carbonated water would fizzle up and bursts out of bottle like a fountain. Its a very good experiment to impress your friends

If a warm bottle of soda and a cold bottle of soda are opened which will effervesce more and why?


Are there more weight watchers points in a large fountain soda than in a can of soda?


When you pour soda out of a newly opened soda bottle which produces more fizz regular or diet soda?

regular soda because it has more sugar but diet does have a fizzier taste while regular soda has a less fizzier taste. i hope i anwsered your question

How many teaspoons of sugar does a bottle of soda have?

The amount of sugar in soda pop varies from soda pop to soda pop. The average amount is 8 - 20 teaspoons, depending on variety choosen.

When was Soda Fountain Shuffle created?

Soda Fountain Shuffle was created in 1985.

Which weights more soda or water?

Soda weighs more because they put more sugar and stuff like that in soda. Soda weighs more because they put more sugar and stuff like that in soda.

What word is when linked to water soda and pen can form compound word?

The word is fountain. water fountain fountain pen soda fountain

Does a full bottle of soda have more mass than a empty bottle?

err, yes, because: bottle mass + soda mass > bottle mass

Why does sugar water make soda bottle fragments float?

Regular Coke

Which is more soluble in water sugar or baking soda?

Baking soda is more soluble in water than sugar.

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