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sceletal muscle tissue

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Which of the following cell types are found in loose connective tissue?

The question is incomplete. No options (for which of the following) are given to answer the question.

What are the answers to review sheet 38 gross anatomy of the digestive system?

which of the following digestive organs is not retroperitoneal

Types of connective tissue include all of the following except blood bone fat or muscle?

Types of connective tissue would include all of these except blood. This is not a type of connective tissue like bone and muscle.

What has the author Steven Lee Quarmby written?

Steven Lee Quarmby has written: 'An investigation into the mechanisms responsible for leukocyte-endothelial cell interactions following irradiation'

Where can you find pictures of the cows digestive system?

View the following related links for a couple example of a cow's digestive system.

What comes after the small intestine in the digestive system?

Following after the small intestine is the large intestine (or large bowel).

Smooth muscle can be found in the following location in the body?

The digestive tract and circulatory system (excepting the heart).

Why does cholesterol deposit in the liver?

Your liver has to process all the toxins and bad things in cholesterol for the following digestive processes.

Which term does not belong with the following grouping epithelium heart muscle tissue nervous system connective tissue?

The nervous system is a collection of organs and tissues.While the others are tissues.

What are the six parts of the digestive system?

There is 8 and they are the following... Mouth,Stomach,Liver,Pancreas,Large intestine,Small intestine,Rectum

Are product of digestion called chyme is formed in which of the following?

Chyme is the mixture of partially digested food and digestive juices formed in the stomach.

Which of the following cellular organelles is responsible for intracellular digestion?

Lysosomes are sacs filled with digestive enzymes, found in animal cells only.

Which of the following digestive processes is NOT considered a chemical change?

breaking up and grinding food particles into small pieces using the teeth

Which of the following is classified as a digestive fluid?

A. Gastrin B. cholecystokinin C. Chyme D. hydrochloric acid Correct Answer: D. Hydrochloric Acid

How can endothelial function be diagnosed?

Endothelial function is generally measured by provoking the endothelium and quantifying the reaction. The provocation can be either chemical or mechanical. The former is usually performed invasively (for example during an angiography) and the latter is often employed noninvasively by a few methods. The older method which was often used in research is by an ultrasonic assessment of the arterial diameter of the arm or forearm, following an endothelially-mediated reaction. more modern and user-independent method which is quite commonly employed nowadays is with an FDA-cleared device called the EndoPAT.

Are sponges unicellular organisms?

Sponges are not unicellular organisms but they are multicellular organisms.They belong to phylum Porifera. They lack tissue grade organization hence they are called Parazoa. Sponges are aquatic animal with pores in body . They possess following types of cells; pinacocytes , choanocytes ,amoeboid cells,spongioblasts and fibroblasts.

What is the correct order for food passing through the digestive system?

Which one of the following correctly represents the order in which food coming into the body passes through the structures of the digestive system? Food moves from the mouth to the pharynx, then on to the esophagus, the stomach, the small intestine, and finally the large intestine.

Where do enzymes come from?

The pancreas secretes the following digestive enzymes: - trypsin - chymotrypsin - carboxypolypeptidase - ribonuclease - deoxyribonuclease - elastase - lipase - cholesterol esterase - alpha amylase - phospholipase A2 - colipase The small intestine secretes the following digestive enzymes: - secretin - gastrin - sucrase - alpha dextrinase - maltase - lactase - cholecystokinin-pancreozymin - gastric inhibitory polypeptide - enteroglucagon and glucagon - vasoactive intestinal polypeptide - somatostatin

Can a connective be the first word of a sentence?

Yes, but its use is normally limited to creative writing. The exception is where a following sentence continues the same thought as the one preceding it, and making them one sentence would be too long, awkward, or unwieldy.

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