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retrograde amnesia

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What condition results after repetitive blows to the head over a long period of time

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Q: Which of the following commonly is seen after a head injury severe enough to result in a loss of consciousness?
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A loss of consciousness is an example of what kind of injury?

A brain injury

What are some of the dangers of a closed head injury?

Some of the dangers of a closed head injury are the following: it can cause coma, seizures also loss of consciousness. Short-term dangers of this head injury also include headache and nausea.

ICD 9 Code for head injury with no loss consciousness due to falling object?

Head injury (with no loss of consciousness) due to falling object while at a store. ICD-9-CM Codes

What is the anesthesia for head injury?

depending on the nature of the injury usually versed to relieve pain and propafol as a paralytic you do not lose consciousness but do not remember the surgery

What are Common symptoms resulting from head injury?

A head injury can cause headaches, loss of consciousness, blurred vision and dizziness.

What causes a tear to the spleen?

Most commonly a traumatic injury.

Can concussion cause loss of consciousness?

The person with a concussion may or may not lose consciousness from the blow; if so, it will be for several minutes at the most. More prolonged unconsciousness indicates more severe brain injury.

What conditions lead to contracture?

Contracture commonly occurs in upper motor neuron syndrome following spinal cord injury; traumatic brain injury; stroke; multiple sclerosis; or cerebral.also occurs in a variety of neuromuscular diseases, including muscular dystrophies and polio.

What are two types of head injuries?

Concussion - Mild brain injury, results in a temporary loss of consciousness Contusion - Occurs when bruising of the brain happens, a more severe type of injury

What stretching technique is most commonly associated with injury?

ballistic stretching

Which of the following statements is true concerning Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)?

Which of the following statements is true concerning Mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI)

What cranial nerve is injured most commonly at closed head injury?


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