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joanne ran to the store, and she bought a gallon of milk.

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What is a compound word for tall?

There is no compund for it. in a sentence you always say tall.

What structure is used in this sentence you laughed so hard you cried but finally everyone calmed down?


Are sentences with at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause?

I think it is a compund complex sentence. If it'ts not that its complex.

Is H2o amixture?

It is a compund

What is the differences between the lithium and fluorine atoms?

lithuim is a compund fluorine is i think a compund . go look somewhere else

Is table salt mixture?


The formula Al2S3 represents?

a compund

What is a formula for compound?

H2O2 is a compund

Which noun is the indirect object in the following sentence?

Can't see the following sentence anywhere

Ionic and covalent compounds?

In a covalent compund, the valence electrons are literaly shared. In an ionic compund, the valence electrons are given or taken away.

Do you capitalize a sentence fragment following a colon?

You should not capitalize a sentence fragment following a colon.

Is sulphate a element or a compound?

It is a compund. :D

What has a definite amount of each ingredient?


Two substances that appear as one?


What is it called when you add another atom?


Is Petroleum compound mixture or element?


What is alcohol a compound or element?

organic compund

Is fertilizer a mixture or a compund?

Fertilizers are mixtures.

Examples of 7cs?

C-compund, cool, cat, coke, clock, candle, cell, cello C-compund, cool, cat, coke, clock, candle, cell, cello C-compund, cool, cat, coke, clock, candle, cell, cello

In the following setentence what question does the adverb away answer?

There is no 'following sentence'.

What is the chemical formula for yeast?

Yeast is an organism, not a compund.

What are the two major types of microscopes?

Simple and Compund.

What has equal distribution of electrons in molecule?

ionic compund

Is oil a compressible liquid?

No, because it is not compund substance

Which part of the sentence has the following definition tells who or what of the sentence?


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