Which of the following items is something that almost every society has hadParliamentCircusesGovernmentWritten law?

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How has Taoism influenced followers and the society?

Taoism's Influence \n. \nTaoism has been influential in China and bridges the gap between Confucian and folk religions. Other than that, in order to understand it and the influence it has on its followers and the society, I would suggest an Internet search be done. It appears there are opposing ( Full Answer )

How does attribution work in every society?

Attribution works in society by establishing laws and holdingpersons accountable to uphold those laws. Attribution is theauthority assigned to a ruler, legislative assembly or person incharge.

Where is Every item in Pokemon Emerald?

Items. _______________________________________________________________________. Potion-Littleroot Town. Oldale Town. Route 102. Route 104. Route 116. Route 109. Amulet Coin-Littleroot Town. Guard Spec.-Route 103. PP Up-Route 103. Route 104. Route 109. Route 115. Route 123. Lilycove Ci ( Full Answer )

I recently found out that by law New York City landlords have to pay heat and hot water for every apartment do they always follow this?

(2009) In NYC, all landlords must provide hot water. In NYC, for buildings in which the landlord must provide heat, if the landlord refuses to provide adequate heat then the tenants must make a complaint to 311 and ultimately to HPD. If the landlord refuses to provide heat the landlord will be fo ( Full Answer )

Should society have laws?

Laws provide a minimum level of acceptable behavior as defined bythe members of the society, or their leadership. Without laws,there are some people that will hurt other people through theft andassault.

Why is oxygen in almost every compound of our body?

Remember, all life started in water, and life as we know it is best described as proteins in water. The oxygen radical tends to make molecules polar, nice if you need to stay in solution. So it would seem that as the molecules of life were being selected, there was a bias towards those which were ( Full Answer )

How do you cool something to almost absolute zero?

You cant for many reasons 1. The Earth is moving, therefor it "rubs" some of its energy on to every thing on it 2. The universe is expanding so it also "rubs" of some energy onto EVERYTHING 3. Theres always energy, it just changes form

What is something almost the same as MySpace?

Facebook maybe. Depends what you classify the same as myspace. If you mean friends, comments, messages, Instant messaging, apps and all that stuff then facebook is basically the same.

Why do we have to follow laws?

I would also like to know this. I don't see how governments can impose laws and guidelines on "free" human beings. The only thing stopping us from breaking the laws is fear of reprisals ie. prison, fines etc. We follow laws because if we don't we get punished. Which means everybody is oppressed and ( Full Answer )

How do you get every item in Club Penguin?

You can download penguin storm and go to cpcheats.info you can download Penguin Storm you can see that you will see a edit press edit your player then you will see edit items press on every thing you want go back to cpcheats.info press Items I.D Press full items (Most are patched) Put on the numbers ( Full Answer )

What has almost every society had?

All societies have had: . people . "thinkers" vs. "doers"; leaders and followers . a type of "religion" or a set of beliefs in a "power biggerthan humans" (could have been pagan beliefs or more religiousbeliefs) . "levels" of people (rich vs. poor, haves vs. have-nots) . contact with animals ( Full Answer )

What is nothing if every thing is something?

\nIt could be nothing because in a fluctuating universe nothing can be in a given place at a given time if the place has not been given or the time,

What is the cheat for every item on diamond?

sorry but no such cheat, their is however a modifier code that lets you get any Pokemon you want and a code that lets you have 100% complete pokedex

Why is almost every single song about love?

Because They are GAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are just really high, and and they also just fukkked up some guys/girls too.

What items does almost every society have?

All societies have had: . people . "thinkers" vs. "doers"; leaders and followers . a type of "religion" or a set of beliefs in a "power biggerthan humans" (could have been pagan beliefs or more religiousbeliefs) . "levels" of people (rich vs. poor, haves vs. have-nots) . contact with animals ( Full Answer )

What do you do after you have every item on time tangled island?

As you return each item to its time, that time should turn GREEN on the time device. When it is completely green, go to the Lab (12 o'clock, 2009 AD) and travel to the Future again with the Future machine.. Go right to the pneumatic elevator, and up to the monorail station. Get on the monorail, but ( Full Answer )

Almost all criminal law is statutory law?

Yes, in the US most criminal laws are statutory. That means they have been defined and are listed in the criminal code. In the early days many crimes were defined by the common law. Now it is more difficult to get out of a crime due to the definitions being clearer.

What fish or items that can be catch in pet society?

The kinds of fish in pet society are: Common fish any bait can be used : -Clownfish [At least 5] -Frontasa [At least 5] -Golden butterfly fish [At least 5] -Red demekin [At least 5] -Fish [At least 5] -Sardine [At least 5] -Crab [At least 5] -Dogfish [At least 5] -Squid [At least 5] -Octopus [At l ( Full Answer )

What is society law?

CIGNA gave me the discount on medical service which I already paid in full. But the provider is denying to reimburse the discount amt with reason service is not covered in my plan what US law says?

What is a item for every letter of the alphabet?

apple, brick, cot, digger, egg, flower, glass, hat, igloo, jam, kettle, lemon, medal, nose, olive, pillow, quill, rocket, sock, tank, umbrella, violin, window, xylophone, yacht, zip.

Why do you have to follow the law?

It is important to follow the law for all sorts of reasons. The United States has specific reasons for why they make laws. For instance, there are so many people who break the law as it is. Imagine if there was no law? People could do anything they wanted and never get in trouble. People could go ar ( Full Answer )

How do laws help your society?

Law is a legal action or proceedings, it helps to preserve freedom and moral regency. Laws are rules that we all agree to live under, and that ensure that the same rights apply to everyone. Unfortunately, many people use the law as a means to gain advantages that they should not have. The same ho ( Full Answer )

On zoo tycoon do how do you get every item?

To do this buy Zoo Tycoon Complete Collection. Then install it. After that click on Freeform (Or whatever its called) and click on Kids Zoo. There you will have everything in Zoo tycoon, Marine Mania, and Dinosaur Digs.

What do Tigers eat almost every day?

They eat meat, if in the wild, whatever they can catch, and they will usually gorge on it. But if they are in captivity, they are fed a diet of meat with supplements, vitamins, and usually enrichment foods. Many time in captivity they are fed a mix of commercial food, and raw meat with bones as trea ( Full Answer )

Why does almost every family have a black sheep?

It is another form of "pecking order", in which individuals within a system (family, workplace, government) seek dominance over other individuals perceived as "weaker".

What functions does law serve in your society?

Maintains social control . Protects public order . To resolve disputes . Protects certainty of systems . Facilitates orderly change . Brings out justice in society . Outlines what the government can do and what it can not do

Why is law enforcement important in society?

Enforcement is very important.Thousand of people may face these hazardous situation and may their life would be unsafe. And this is the reason the horrible gas tragedy had happened in Bhopal. So,enforcement is important. .

Is fasting when you do something and everyone follows?

Yes i posted this question ; but i think it's a no. because i looked up what it really means and it says nothing about when you do something everyone follows but thanks to everyone that looked.. :) -Haley.98 (:

What is the name of the item that can almost go to the speed of light?

"Almost" seems to be the key word in this question. The photon travels always at the speed of light, and can travel at no other speed in the medium through which it travels. So "almost" does not fit the photon. Certain subatomic particles can be accelerated to near light speed: neutrons and protons ( Full Answer )

Why is every question about Indian society?

Indian society is well organized by religious/spiritual traditions, their mentality is so flexible that they can get adopted to any given eventualities/circumstances. their malleability is exceptional when compared with other groups around globe.

Why is law important for a society?

Law is important for a society for it serves as a norm of conductfor men if these would break through the law that was being passedis ineffective. It was also made for the proper guideline and orderupon the behavior for all men and to sustain the equity on thethree branches of the government. Law is ( Full Answer )

Why is there a retail store in almost every community?

Because... ...Retail stores cater to the needs of the general public and offers convenience as well... ...Almost every Person needs a Thing or Two at the Retail Store... ...It makes Buying Easy... ...And it is a Job or Business... That is better than nothing...

Which are the most important laws in society?

The most important laws in society are those that come from a country's constitution. These laws change depending on what part of the world one finds themselves in. A democratic society values freedom of speech and to protect themselves from harm as well as being unjustly imprisoned, etc.

What is something that is just a personal item?

When you are flying on an airplane you are usually limited to a certain number of personal items. Personal items are things like laptop bags, diaper bags, and camera bags.