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Gas coal and oil are not sustainable at all, they were formed over millions of years and once used will not come back again, except possibly over the same geologic period

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What activities contribute the most to climate change?

Industrialization Forest removal Gas- or coal-fed power plants heating your room

Where is coal most commonly found?

Coal is most commonly found under the earth in coal mines.Coal is most commonly found under the earth in coal mines.coal is located mostly onder the plains

What is the most common coal in the U.S.?

Bituminous coal, or soft coal, is the most common type of coal produced in the United States.

What type of coal burns the most effeciently?

The type of coal that burns the most efficiently is anthracite coal.

What fuel directly contributes to global warming the most?

Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), and coal contributes the most.Fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas), and coal contributes the most.

How where coal and oil made?

Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth. Most coal and oil are natural and is extracted from the earth.

What type of coal has the most stored energy?

Coal that has become diamond.

What is the most mined mineral?

Coal is the most mined mineralCommentCoal is not a mineral.

What country in the world produces the most coal?

In Europe, Poland produces the most coal.

What is the most common form of coal in Pennsylvania?


What is the most valuable form of coal?

is a coal called Anthikal

Where is coal most abundant?

China, as they uses coal in factory

The principle of a strong personal work ethic is most closly associated with?

With catholics

What is the type of coal found in the greatest quantity?

Bituminous coal is the most common type of coal.

What are layers of coal called?

The layers of coal are called peat, lignite, subbituminous, bituminous caol, and anthracite. Peat being the most inexpensive and anthracite being the most valuable. Most coal in use is bituminous. Another answer: A layer of coal in a mine is called a coal seam.

Where does most of your nations coal come from?

My nation is USA. Most of the coal comes from within the country. The US actually exports coal to other countries.

Where does most of the energy come from in Australia?

AUstralia get most of its energy from coal.Most of it comes from coal and oil produced locally

Which cooking fuel is least likely to contribute to the greenhouse effect?

The cooking fuel that is the "dirtiest" has to be coal. This fuel source produces the most greenhouse gases than any of the "-tane" fuels.

What is a coal clunker?

The small pieces of unburnt coal left over when most of the coal has burnt to ash.

What type of coal were they mining in the Monongah Mine Disaster?

Good Coal, most likely black coal

What color of streak is coal?

Most coal is black, or greyish black.

What does coal deposit mean?

Most coal deposits in the eastern nited

Was Pepsi named to the Dow Jones sustainability index?

yes they were. Most recently in 2012

Is coal metamorphic?

Most coal is sedimentary, but anthracite is bituminous coal that has undergone metamorphosis to become a metamorphic rock.

Were is the most coal at?


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