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Q: Which of these authors was not an abolitionist Garrison Douglas whittier or john smith?
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What pair of authors wrote works against slavery?

Harriet Beecher Stowe and William Lloyd Garrison

Pairs of authors wrote works against slavery?

Harriet Beecher stowe and William Lloyd Garrison

Is an abolitionist a speaker?

An abolitionist is a person who believes in abolishing (doing away with) slavery. Before, and during the American Civil War, many abolitionists were outspoken about their beliefs, and many did speak out publicly. The ones who made the history books were public speakers or authors.

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Does Stephenie Meyer have any role models?

Stephenie Meyer was inspired by other authors such as William Goldman, Orson Scott Card, and Douglas Adams.

Which pairs of authors wrote works against slavery?

Harriet Beecher stowe and William Lloyd Garrison

What has the author Douglas T Miller written?

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Was there a book based on the movie The Relic?

No, the movie was based on the book Relic not the other way around.There was a sequel novel written by the same authors, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child titled Reliquary.

Who is the author of Snowbound?

The author of "Snowbound" is John Greenleaf Whittier, an American Quaker poet and advocate for abolitionism. The poem describes the experience of being snowed in during a New England winter.

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