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Neither. The new game is called Soul Silver, not Silver Soul.

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Yes. It is called Pure Silver or Soul Silver and it is coming out on Nintendo DS in 2010.

If you mean Soul Silver, it will come out in Europe in 2010.

to the next gym leader(Thats kind of obvious)

well...thats kinda a stupid question. you have fun having a suicune! :D

It will come out April 1st of 2010! I can't wait!

Yes, I heard of remakes of Pokemon Gold and Silver, to be called Heart Gold and Soul Silver, will be coming out probably 2010.

Where are the genorator parts in soul soul silver

I think heart gold and soul silver will be coming out sometime in the fall of 2009 so it's not too long of a wait.

Only Pure relationship that exists is between the soul and the supreme soul.

no such thing not in soul silver

As in soul silver? Yes you can is soul silver. At the bottom of seafoam islands.

Soul silver is AWESOMENESS!! yes GET IT

It is not found in a wild in soul silver

no srry not in soul silver by, the awsome man

there is no throphy garden in soul silver

The Arceus Event is coming out Later in 2010 for the UK The date has not been annoced!

You can't! it is exclusively an event coming later this year for the 13th movie.

Yes Pokemon heart gold and soul silver are coming out in spring 2010.Ther'e remakes of Pokemon gold and silver.

No but you can Transfer Pokemon from Soul-Silver to Pokemon Black.

I don't know about Dusk Gold and Dawn Silver, but Heart Gold and Soul Silver (The remakes of the Gold, Silver and Crystal games) are supposed to come out Spring of this year.

Professor Rowan isn't in Soul silver

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