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Which of these was a teacher of Alexander the Great?

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Aristotle was a teacher of Alexander the great.

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Alexander the greats teacher was the great teacher of good fame Aristotle.

Aristotle was the philosopher and teacher who had Alexander the Great as one of his students.

His teacher was The Philosopher Aristotle

Alexander the Great's mentor was Aristotle

Aristotle was his teacher.

Alexander the Great was tutored by Aristotle, the philosopher, in a rural village of Mieza, Macedonia

Aristotle was a student of Plato and a teacher of Alexander the Great. It may also be noted here that Plato had many other students, Alexander had other teachers and Aristotle was a teacher to many others also.

Yes, Arisotile was Alexander the Great's teacher when he was young.

Yes. Aristotle taught Alexander the Great.

yes he was he was a great teacher he taught them respect, honesty , and wisdom

Alexander the great (336-323) one of the most succesfull military commanders of all times and presumed undefeated.

Alexander the great had 2 teachers first:Aristole second:Leonidas

Alexander the Great's teacher was Aristotle.

His name was Aristole, he was rather quiet but agreed to teach Alexander under different circumstances.

Yes, when Alexander was a kid, his father, king of Macedonia, Phillip II, had Aristotle teach him.Alexander the Great

Plato was Aristotle's teacher. Plato was the student of socrates. Aristotle was the teacher of Alexander the Great. what a small world hahaha

Aristotle was famous for his school, and being the teacher of Alexander the Great.

my teacher said supposedly @age 33

Macedonian but he had great greek influence from his teacher Aristotle

He was a teacher. He taught Alexander the Great. He had his own school called the Lyceum.

he was a Greek teacher and philosopher and taught Alexander the great as a young child.

There is no proof that Alexander the Great ever had sexual relations with men. Any evidence to the contrary is purely circumstantial.

Alexander the Great was taught by Aristotle, a famous teacher of his time, but he didn't study with anyone. Aristotle taught him astronomy, poetry, persuasive speech, writing, etc...

He founded his own school, was the teacher of Alexander the great, and started the mathematical logic.

He was a teacher to the deaf.