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just dance greatest hits

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Q: Which one is better just dance 3 or just dance greatest hits?
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What Are All The Just Dance Games For Nintendo Wii?

Just Dance Greatest Hits, First Version of Just Dance, Just Dance 2, Just Dance 3, Just Dance 4, Just Dance 2014, Just Dance 20

Which is better just dance or just dance 2?

Just dance 2 by far. It has 40+ songs and better moves :)

The best dance greatest and best off ever?

You can do that if you try! Just dance dance dance!

Was Just Dance Lady Gaga's Biggest Hit?

No, she has better hits like poker face or bad romance.

Is dance central 2 better than just dance 3?

no of course not because just dance 3 you have better songs

What is better Just Dance 2 or Just Dance 3?

Both are good, but Just dance 3 is better in everything: song list, movements and graphics.

Is Swords Dance Better or Focus Energy?

Swords dance because it highers your attack sharply and focus energy just makes critical hits come more often.

Which is better dance central or just dance 2?

Dance Central because you ACTUALLY DANCE!

Which is better just dance for wii or dance central for xbox Kinect?

Dance central is AMAZING. I just got it and it is some awesome stuff and ten time better than just dance central has lady gaga songs.

Is just dance 4 better than just dance hip hop?

um really not sure but i think hip hop experience is better

Which is better just dance 2 or 3?

It is just a matter of opinion though. But in my opinion it would have to be just dance 3.

Which one is better just dance 3 or dance central 2?

A lot of people say Just Dance 3 is better, because with each new game, it has more new stuff on it

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