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You are trying to compare two things that are completely different. PHP is a programming language, and QA testing is a step in the creation of products.

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Which is better PHP or

PHP is better. PHP is a general scripting language on which developers depend on a great level and on the other hand, ASP.NET is one of the top web application development frameworks by Microsoft.

Where can one learn how to do Php MySQL?

A person would have to make sure that they are committed to learning, for it takes awhile to learn how to do PHP MySQL. Codecademy is a wonderful website that could get a person started.

How can one easily style a PHP code?

There are many ways that one could style a PHP code. One would first have to learn how to properly format PHP coding and use the C++ programming language to make it look nice.

What is difference between php and ruby?

One major difference between those two is the amount of time it takes to learn and install them. PHP seems fairy easy to comprehend for beginners and you just need a XAMPP/WAMP/LAMP server to run PHP while Ruby is a bit difficult.Ruby allows Java in backend so that means you can have some features like threading which are not that well supported in PHP.PHP is a bit faster then RubyCode for Ruby on Rails is quite less compared to PHP which requires a lot of coding

Where can one learn to write some simple php scripts?

There are various websites which offer tutorials on simple PHP scripts. Both the Elated, and the Free Webmaster Help websites offer many tutorials to help with PHP scripting.

Where can one find a guide on how to make a login php script?

The best place to find a guide on how to make a login script in php is the PHP Easy Step website. They offer a step by step tutorial on how to create login scripts.

Why are you required to use a MySQL database in PHP?

You don't. PHP does not required MySQL to function. But because PHP is one of the easiest language with more built-in functions than you would ever need, and MySQL is free and easy to manage; people often use them together :)

What is an easy way to learn a new word?

there is not one

Spanish is not easy to learn?

it's definitely one of the easiest foreign languages there is to learn.

How does PHP function in applications?

in php used for one typ website

Is php an interpretor?

PHP is in interpreted language, and ships with one, however PHP itself is a program language and not an interpreter.

Is there an easy way to learn PHP because the books on programming are often too hard to understand?

The only way to learn php is through making small programs at first. Aquire as many books as possible about PHP. Surely some examples will not make sense, just try to figure out if there is a typo mistake and try to fix it. If not, read about the same subject but from a different book. You will need at least 5 -6 different books. The most important is not to try to learn quickly but take your time and make as many small programs as possible. For example one day you learn about variables and how to use them. Next day you learn about conditional statements, other day about operators etc. But do not just learn. Make as many programs with your knowledge as possible. Take your time. Be patient. When you cover all the subjects you will move on to more complicated programs. But start small first, you can not learn php in a couple of days. It takes at least 3 months with practice of at least 3 days per week. That's it!

Which one is better PHP or .NET?

There is only one kind of PHP or internet. Though I prefer PHP version 5.2 because it still has ereg()

Where can one find PHP documents?

PHP documents are files that contain PHP codes, JavaScript, HTML, etc. which are executed via the server. PHP files that are stored in the computer can be found by typing ".php" in the search (this is the extension of PHP files).

Where would one find information online on how to use the php admin?

One can use a Php admin to store information which can be easily accessed. If one uses the Php my admin one can have it to keep updated automatically.

Where can one find information about a PHP Split?

One can find out information about PHP Split by speaking with one who has computer training. Additionally one may by looking to PHP direct. Also one may look at Stack Overflow.

What is php plus plus?

PHP++ is an object-oriented version of the PHP programming language. ++ is used in programming to increment a variable by one so it means an improved version of PHP.

Does glalie learn a one hit ko move?

No. That would be to easy.

Where can one find a free PHP editor?

There are many free PHP editors available online. You can check out the Free PHP Editor website, or download "Davor's PHP Editor". If you need one for Mac OSX, try Netbeans.

How can one learn more about easy business plans for dummies?

One can learn more about easy business plans for dummies by attending business school. Typically, one who goes into the financial industry receives a degree in finance or business administration.

How much is one Cypriot pound worth in the Philippine peso?

107.46 php 107.46 php

How do you strip clothing?

you just pull it off it is so easy one you learn how to do it!!

Where can one purchase a PHP DOM manuel?

One can purchase a PHP DOM manual from stores like eBay or Amazon. One can look at other customer's review before buying in order to get the best item. Though there are PHP DOM manuals available online for free from PHP website.

Where can one find free PHP scripts?

One can find free PHP scripts at a website called PHP Junkyard where one can find guestbooks, message board and link manager. One can also find it on a website called G-Scripts.

Why should you use PHP and not JSP?

Firstly, this is wrong question. The right one would be WHEN should you use PHP, not JSP? or, WHEN should you use PHP and WHEN JSP?