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Q: Which one is right What is your class teacher's name or what is your class teacher name?
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List of all the teachers name from OCD the clique series?

The only teacher that they talked about in the series was Vincent from art class.

What is a teacher's block plan?

A teachers block plan is a plan that they have for their students throughout the day. Each class they teach is considered a different block, thus the name.

What is the name of the Trigonometry teacher in Twilight?

The Trigonometry teacher in Twilight is Mr. Berty.

Name something a teacher can do to ruin a student's day?

ANSWER: As we know, teachers are the second parents of our children away from us. But when it comes to doing something to a student if he or she done something, the only right thing a teacher can do is give that student a time out in front of the class, or send that student to the Principle office. Other than that, not a thing.

What does a heading look like?

name date (for school) teacher, class assignment

What is the name of Bella Swan's Gym Teacher?

Her gym teachers name is Coach Clapp

What is jimmy neutrons teachers name?

Jimmy Neutron's teacher's name is Ms. Fowl.

What is Teacher Spirituality Day?

At Catholic schools, Teacher Spirituality Day is a day when students do not go to school, but teachers do. From the name, it can be assumed that teachers focus on spiritual matters on that day.

What is Selena Gomez teachers name?

as Selena was home schooled her teacher was her mom

Are they called pries today and teachers for the Jews?

The name of "teacher" is rabbi for Jews.

Who is the teacher Percy Jackson must fight?

The teachers name is Ms. Dodds.

What is the name of your fantastic and awesome language Arts teacher?

my language arts teachers name is Mrs. Gabriel