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Spain is in Europe, South Africa is in Africa, Canada is in North America, and Brazil is in South America.

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Q: Which one of these Canada south Africa Brazil or Spain is in south America?
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Is Spain and Brazil in Africa?

No. Spain is in Europe. Brazil is in South America.

Is Brazil in Spain?

NOOO!!!!!! Brazil is located in South America, and Spain is located in Europe. They are in two separate continents!!!!

Where are slates found?

In BRazil United states AFrica Spain China

What are Brazil's enemies?

Brazil has no enemies, but Brazil's allies are U.S., England, Australia, Portugal, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain.

What land did Spain Claim from the new world?

Spain claimed almost everything from america and from south america exept for brazil!!!!!!

Can you name more than ten rainforests?

Africa,Germany,potugal,Italy,Spain,Paris,London,America,Canada and Greece

Who colonized the southern Atlantic coast?

The South Atlantic has South America and Southern Africa with adjacent coasts. All of South America was colonized by Spain apart from Brazil which was colonized by Portugal. Southern Africa was colonized by various European powers including Britain, Portugal, Germany, France and Spain.

Where is apatite found?

Mainly Brazil, Burma, Mexico but also Germany, Canada, India, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka and the US. Its primary use is as a fertilizer

Who played in the confed cup semi final 09?

South Africa, Spain, Brazil & the USA. Brazil won the final.

Where is slate found?

Slate is found in Brazil, United States, Africa, Spain, and China.

Sailing south from Spain which continent would you reach?


What are the allies of Brazil?

the United States, England, Australia, Canada, Switzerland, Germany, and Spain

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