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Q: Which organelle carries out diverse metabolic processes and produces hydrogen peroxide as a byproduct?
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Which organelle produces h2o2 as a by product?

Peroxisome produce hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) as a byproduct of their metabolic processes.

Does hydrogen have a byproduct?

Yes, the only byproduct of hydrogen is water.

What is a benefit of hydrogen fuel cell that its byproduct is?

Its byproduct is water.

Which is a byproduct of using hydrogen fuel?

The only byproduct of using pure hydrogen as a fuel is water, often in vapor form.

Why does Hydrogen peroxide need to be broken down?

Hydrogen peroxide is a harmful by-product of many normal metabolic processes: to prevent damage, it must be quickly converted into other, less dangerous substances.

What is the byproduct of hydrogen fuel cell?

Water is the benefit of a hydrogen fuel cell ;)

What is the byproduct when oxygen serves as a hydrogen acceptor?


A benefit of a hydrogen fuel cell is that its byproduct is?


What has hydrogen peroxide in it?

most permanent hair dyes, the human body makes peroxide as byproduct for some cellular processes

How do you burn sea water?

You don't. Sea water is the combustion byproduct of hydrogen. That is, water is water you get when you burn hydrogen.

Is hydrogen peroxide found in animals?

Yes, it is produced by various metabolic processes, but there are mechanisms to break it down quickly so that it does not damage cells by oxidation. That is why liver and potatoes will catalyse its decomposition in the lab.

How do hydrogen cars work?

The success of the hydrogen car is because the the hydrogen fuel cell. This cell converts hydrogen into electricity and powers the car and the only byproduct is heat and water.