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mitochondria makes energy for cell

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Q: Which organelles make substances for cell?
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Related questions

Organelles that temporarily store substances for cell use?

Organelles that temporarily store substances for cell use are called vacuoles. Vacuoles are the storage units of the cell and allow the cell to not have to constantly make more food.

How do protest move substances through their cell bodies?

They use organelles and sub-organelles, as they are eukaryotic.

Substances that form parts of cell membranes and man of the cell's organelles are?


What cell organelles is made mostly of fats and proteins and controls substances moving in and out of the cell?

cell membrane

What organelles control the movement of substances moving in and out the cells?

cell membrane

The organelle that digest molecules old organelles and foreign substances in the cell?


What is the organelle that digest molecules old organelles and foreign substances in a cell?


What cell structure is associated with the breakdown of harmful substances or substances that are no longer needed by the cell?

Lysosomes use acid to break down waste, old cell organelles and other materials that the cell no longer needs.

What does organelles do in the cell?

what organelles do in a cell is work to make energy for the cell. The nucleus contains the chromosones x which contain the DNA.

What organelles transport substances throughtout cell cytoplasm?

endoplasmic reticulum and cytoskeletal elements

What cell organelles make proteins?

Ribosomes are the cell organelles that make proteins. They are located throughout the cytoplasm, as well as on the rough endoplasmic reticulum.

What organelles does enzyme synthesis occur in?

It occurs in the lysosome(s) of a cell to digest food substances.

The structure of each kind of body cell is suited to its?


Is a big cell better than a small cell?

no, because motor proteins would have to work harder to move substances and organelles.

What do the cytosol and organelles make up?

Cytosol + organelles = cytoplasm. Cytoplasm is then surrounded by the cell membrane, forming an individual cell.

What are the basic substances that make up a cell?

Carbohydrates, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids are the basic substances of a cell in general. In plant cells, cell wall is made up of cellulose (a complex carbohydrate), cell membrane of phospholipids etc. and the cytoplasm contains cytosol and cell organelles. Water is also present in proportionately large quantity having minerals in the dissolved form.

What does an organelle have to do with a cell?

AnswerOrganelles are what make the cell work. Different organelles handle different operations; without them the cell wouldn't exist.

What cell make the molecules and organelles needed for cell division?


What is the two organelles that make a plant cell not an animal cell?


What do the organelles called ribosomes do for the cell?

Ribosomes make proteins for the cell.

What cell organelles make protein?


What is a complex mix of proteins water and other substances which houses the cell organelles?


The following organelles which group is involved in manufacturing the substances needed by the cell?

golgi body cytoplasm nucleoplasm

What organelles break down substances to produce energy for the cell?

Mitochondria break down the remnants of glucose to produce energy (ATP) for the cell.

What organelle transports things around the cell?

The endoplasmic reticulum moves substances through the cell within channels made of membranes. The cytoplasm also moves substances and organelles through cytoplasmic streaming