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chloroplasts and mitochondria

They have their own DNA and can also reproduce by themselves inside the cell. That is why many scientist believe that the were once individual cells.

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Does the nucleus contain cell organelles?

No, nucleus contains the genetic material

Two cell organelles which contain their own genetic material?

the two cell organelles which contain their own genetic material are nucleus and mitochondria

Name the 2 organelles that contain their own genetic material?

Nucleus and Mitochondria

Does prokaryotes have a nucleus?

No, prokaryotes do not have a nucleus and their genetic material is diffused throughout the cell. They do no contain any membrane bound organelles either.

Does virus protein contain genetic material?

Viruses do not contain genetic material, just a nucleus.

What is the two organelles that contain their own genetic material?

Mitochondria and chloroplasts. The question asks for organelles with their OWN genetic material. The material from the nucleus already belongs to the cell. Those two evolved from symbiotic prokaryotes and maintain their own DNA.

Which are the two organelles having their own genetic material. What is their significance?

Nucleus & Mitochondria are the two organelles having their own genetic material.

Does the nucleus contain the genetic material?

Yes. The genetic material is contained in chromosomes which are within the nucleus of the cell.

Which organelles outside the cell nucleus contain genetic information?

Mitocondria contain mDNA.

Do mitochondria contain the genetic material of a cell?

No, genetic material (DNA) is contained in the nucleus.

Threadlike structures in the nucleus contain genetic material?

Chromatin or chromatin threads are the threadlike structures that are found in the nucleus. They contain DNA which is a genetic material.

What does nucleus contain?

Nucleus contains Nucleolus, Genetic Material, and DNA

What cell structure contains the majority of genetic material?

It's the nucleus.The structure of Eukaryotic cells that contain genetic material is the nucleus.

Where is genetic material located in a cell?

In the nucleus which contain chromosomes in that is the genetic information stored.

What is a type of cell that contains a nucleus specialized organelles and genetic material?

eukaryotic cell

What are the differences about the prokaryotic and eukaryotic nucleus?

Eukaryotic nucleus is the true nucleus having nuclear membrane and genetic material is surrounded by nuclear membrane,whereas prokaryotic nuclear organelles or genetic material is present in the cytoplasm.

Do bacteria have nuclei that contain the cells genetic material?

No. Bacteria do not have a nucleus. The genetic material merely floats around in the cytoplasm.

What is DNA and where is it found?

polynucleotide that contain genetic material that found in nucleus .

The nucleus of a cell has thin strands of that contain genetic material?


What is the threadlike structure in the nucleus of the cell contain genetic material?


Does a Chromatin floats in the nucleus contain a genetic material or instructions?


What is genetic material in the nucleus?

The genetic material is in the nucleus to protect it.

Control center of the cell and contain cell's genetic material as DNA?

What is the nucleus.

What is Chromosomal Theory?

it explains occurrence of organelles like chloroplasts and mitochondria but not the enveloping of genetic material in the nucleus

What do eukaryotes cells all have?

A membrane bound nucleus containing the genetic material and membrane bounf organelles.

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