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Which organism were first to colonize on land?

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plants and fungi

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The first vertebrates to colonize land were?


Which kingdom was the first to colonize land?

plantae and fungi

Which type of organisms could most successfully colonize with a rock of the volcanic island?

a place was destroyed by volcani eruption.what organism could successfully colonize first

Why did leif ericson go to the new land?

He wanted to colonize land so he found this land and was going to colonize it

First to colonize Jamaica?

The first to colonize Jamaica is the Spaniards

Which organism did the first land plant evolve from?


What was the first country to colonize Vietnam?

china was the first country to colonize Vietnam

What organism do you think would colonize a radioactive area first?

I would say Archeabacteria because these organisms are found in all sorts of environments that no other organism could possibly survive in.

When did vertebrates first colonize the land?

Around 400 to 350 million years ago the fist vertebras clambered onto land, they were tetrapods.

Who was the first Europeans to colonize Brazil?

Portuguese were the first and largest group to colonize Brazil.

Did Spain first colonize California?

Spain was the first European power to colonize California.

IF a nuclear power plant explodes and wipes out every living thing what kind of organism would be the first to colonize the radioactive area?


Can you make a sentence with the word colonize?

These people decided to colonize this abandoned piece of land and take it as their own.

Which of these helped animals colonize land?

internal fertilization

What land does Stephen f Austin colonize?


What helped animals colonize land?

internal fertilization

Who were the first and largest European group to colonize Brazil?

The First European group to colonize Brazil was...The Spanish

What was the context of Louis riel?

The context was Canada trying colonize his land. Actually they did colonize his land and all of Western Canada using bloody force and mass immigration.

Who was the first multicellular organism to invade the land?

Fungi, algae and plants were the first multicellular organisms to invade land, followed by invertebrates, and finally the first tetrapods. Amphibians did not 'invade land'.

Would Neptune make a good location for a manned mission to colonize the planet?

We can't colonize it because we can't land on it.

What European country was the first to colonize the New World?

Portugal & Spain were the first to Colonize the Americas & the outlying Islands.

What European country was the first to colonize the West Indies?

Spain was the first European country to colonize the West Indies.

Why do people colonize?

This is typically because they need more land.

What did Leif Ericson want to find?

New land to colonize.

What is the purpose of a mission?

The purpose of a mission was to colonize new land.

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