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The functional unit of the kidney is the nephron and is where filtration takes place

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The nephron is the part of the kidney that filters waste from the blood. The waste is then collected, moved to the bladder, and expelled.

The Kidney filters the blood.

Kidney filters waste from blood in human.Kidneykidneys

Glomerular kidney disease-- Disease of the kidney that affects the glomeruli, the part of the kidney that filters certain substances out of the blood.

The kidney filters the blood of the frog.

The kidney continuously filters the blood.

The kidney filters it within the nephrons.

waste from bloodkidneyThe kidney filters waste from the blood.

The Filters inside of the kidney filter the blood, in which it removes urea.

cleans and filters blood

The kidney is part of the excretory system. The kidney filters the toxins from the blood, before urine is taken to the bladder.

The nephrons filter blood through the body and get rid of the waste which exits the body. The liver also filters blood other than the kidney.

the urinary system filters the blood which is from our heart parts: kidney ureters urethra urinary bladder (neprhons-important part of the kidney)

It filters and seperates blood and urine.

the people will die if the peole has no kidney the kidney i very importand it filters the unfiltered blood

The kidney filters waste products out of the blood, ultimately forming urine.

The kidney is an organ in the body that filters the blood and creates urine.

The Kidney filters 6 liters of blood per minute

part of your body that filters your youran

The kidney filters waste from the blood stream and body for urinary excretion.

The kidney filters waste out of the blood and submits its product to the bladder, which is then excreted as urine.

Kidney filters our blood and helps our body to get rid of the poisonous substances present in our body.

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